Why does the home button not work?

Every after market screen with digitizer and home button assembly I buy has a defective home button. What's the deal? Am I doing something wrong in the installation process? I did not purchase the front panel assembly from ifixit. I have purchase 5 of these for gen 3 and gen 2 ALL of them have defective home buttons.

I'm trying to avoid spending $69.95 on the one from ifixit. I am now regretting this decision. Any tips?

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Check the "z"-spring on the board that the home button come in contact with, it may need to be stretched up a bit to make that contact.

It's the gold piece next to the LCD connector.


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Be careful ... I had the same problem.

Tried two digitizer replacements. On both the home button 'collapsed' and would not spring back after about a week of use

Took the front plate off to try stretching that little "z" spring upwards. It broke off as soon as I touched it!

Still haven't figured out if I can repair without replacing the whole board... not pleased at all.

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