5th generation 626, built on the GF platform.

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How do I remove axle from transmission

I have the axles removed from the wheels but cannot get them to release from transmission. normally they just pop out but these won't budge and i don't want to break the houseing ?

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scott, you do need a hammer :). The end of the axle has a circlip going around it. This is what holds the axle from slipping out of the transmission. Usually, a motion gets this circlip to jump out of it's groove. You can also try using a ball joint separator and a hammer. Hope this helps, good luck.

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oldturkey speaks the truth! The end of the axle in the transmission has a groove near the end which contains a circlip (a circle shaped wire of hard steel). The circlip's job is to keep the axle from slipping back out of the transmission, so you will have to fight with it to get it out.

I've never had good luck with a pulling motion. You really need to pop them out. If you're working with the car on jackstands, I recommend getting it up as high in the air as possible -- which will allow you to use the longest pry bar possible. Work the pry bar between the axle housing and the transmission housing as far as possible, and give it a sudden, strong jerk.

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I've never seen a drive axle that engaged the transmission with anything other than a circlip. Be patient and careful. You'll get it.

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