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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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PowerBook Pismo won't start at all, not even charge the battery?

My PowerBook Pismo G3/500 won't startup at all. No chime sound, nothing. I've already tried with a fully charged, tested-as-good battery from a friend of mine with another Pismo.

We swapped our batteries and mine began to charge once it was placed in my friend's Pismo. I tried to boot with his battery… nada!!

We swapped our chargers, both yo-yo shaped and, again, nada. His Pismo will charge, but mine won't.

We tried the PRAM removal, the PM reset and… nothing happened.

I have removed the audio card and replaced it with the spare one i bought several years ago but still can't get any sign of the battery charging or the Pismo starting up.

I DO have the original processor -G3/400- that I kept when I upgraded to the 500, but I don't know if a bad processor can prevent the battery from charging, so I guess that I'll wait for your response before proceeding.

Thanks in advance!!

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It's usually a completely flat PRAM battery that is to blame. Do this: Push down on the two tabs at the top of the keyboard and flip it over and down down onto the palm rest. Now you will see the banjo shaped PRAM battery on the lower right just below the hard drive. Pull the white PRAM battery connector out of its connector and put the keyboard back. Connect the power unit, turn it on at the wall and press the power button. 9 times out of 10 the Powerbook will start up and begin to charge.

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Thank you so much! This simple tip instantly revived my Pismo. Hope the main battery still holds a decent charge...


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The first thing I would check would be the Power Supply Card, Apple part # 661-2287. I don't know if your friend will be very happy about a request to tear down his machine and swap parts. Here's how to do it: G3 Pismo Power Card

For reference her is a blow up of your parts: http://www.welovemacs.com/appog340fpi2.h...

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@bramski123 Please explain your down vote. otherwise it helps no one.


Its almost always the PRAM battery, i work a lot with vintage macs (i even smashed a non functional pismo on my youtube channel with a bend logic board connector in where the daughterboard connects), i have to see my first pismo with a bad dc board, its always this dreaded pram battery, the dc in board are one of the most reliable things inside a pismo, had a lot of pismo's on the bench, al in a non boot state (pram)


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