Replaced DC Jack, Won't Power Up, Buzzing Sound

(Dell Inspiron 1550) Had a loose DC jack on a 1550 in the shop. A couple days ago, when I wiggled the jack (i already ordered a replacement), the system died. Anyway, removed and soldered in a new jack. A very clean solder job that took just a few minutes. Btw, I tested the voltage on the jack along with a continuity test with the ac connected only to the jack prior to installation.

Anyway, when I plug in the AC and nothing (aka fan) will spin up, however, I hear a slight buzz sound in the center of the board. The power and battery led's on the front constantly flash green, so I know there is a power issue, but can't find LED codes for this particular model.

I de-soldered and replaced the jack with a second one (I always buy new parts in pairs when they are only a few bucks), same results.

I'm thinking prior to disassembly, the day I wiggled the jack, it could have arced and shorted the board.

Btw, I did a voltage check on the AC adapter, 19.5v, standard, in any event I swapped AC adapters with the same results. Don't have a spare battery to fit ~ be nice to rule out the new jack.

Any suggestions? A new board is only about $65 so it's no big deal, but, who knows might be a guru here that has had the same experience.

Thanks ~ john

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