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Different model # on battery iPhone 4s, now SIM card won't read?

I made sure to order the exact same battery, part number APN: 616-0580, and what did I get in the mail? Of course, APN 616-0579. Does the part number make a big difference? When I installed the new battery (along with replace the front screen/lcd), the SIM card won't read and has no service, can't make phone calls etc. Is this a different issue, or should I make sure to get APN 616-0580?

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It's a different issue. If the phone starts up after replacing the battery, and will charge, then the battery is compatible.

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recheck all your connections especially the dock, clean all fingerprints as suggested in the guide. Also check the sim slot for any dirt or damaged pins, clean your sim. Turn phone off, take out sim, turn phone on and then wait one minute and insert sim again.


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Hopefully you have solved this problem by now, but here is what I found out:

The solution I found: Insert the sim before you turn on the phone. Then connect the iPhone to the WiFi. Take the sim card out, and put if back in ;)

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