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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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magnet sensor is not working. Display will not sleep


this is my Problem.

i wont to now where to find the magnet sensor.

Where is the Cable for the magnet sensor.

and where can i find the magnet sensor himself.

I build in a new Keyboard from China (ebay)

now my Mac will not Sleep when i close the Display.

I now that my Problem is from this Sensor

but i don't find a way to fixit.

Please help and sorry for my Englisch......;-)

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I can restate your question for you since I am having the same problem. My MacBook Unibody is also dealing with insomnia. When I close the lid, the display remains lit and operational as well as the keyboard backlight and this is clearly known due to the infamous Apple logo being brightly lit up.

I have replaced the logic board twice now (the first was semi-functional, the new one is fully functional) and neither times does the laptop sleep when the lid is closed. However, if I press the key combination Alt-Cmd-Eject, it will put it to sleep. I know the MacBook, any type for that matter, use a magnetized system to detect when the lid is closed and to initiate sleep mode. But I can't quite find the mechanism that detects that. The only place I can think it would be is either entwined with the battery indicator lights or built in with the IR sensor, considering that is where the sleep indicator light is. Any help would be appreciated for both of us. I am hoping it is a part of the battery indicator or IR sensor as that would make it an easy fix.



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Same problem as my MBP 13 have insomnia , I believe its a hardware issue , where that LCD magnet link to the board


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