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Power button not responding after wine spill

I've spilled some wine on my MBA. All works fine except for the power button. It responds eventually but after a while (5-10 minutes). I am able to shut down my mac from Mac icon.

Would it be possible to save it by cleaning?

Thank you


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Yes it's possible. Search most helpful answers for some of the tags. Read up on the effects of uncleaned wine (it doesn't get better with age). Disconnect all power sources before beginning.

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Thank you! I've disassembled and cleaned the grease spots. The notebook works now. The power button still behaves funny. It started responding ok in the beginning and then the same problem is back.

I'll try cleaning the keys as a next step.


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I've had no success with repair liquid damage on these upper cases. I've had to replace every one. It is expensive and a difficult repair, here's how to do it: MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 Upper Case Replacement

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