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Why is the headphone jack I replaced only playing in one ear?

I bought a new head phone jack with lock switch from u and replaced it. Also bought new headphones. it will only play in one ear . It will play in two if i push headphone plug to the side

and hold it. please help.

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michele hall, double check your connection. It is possible that the headphone jack is defective, you may need to contact ifixit sales at for that. Also, try a different set of headphones and see if it makes a difference. There is a possibility that the barrel of the headphone does not make proper contact.

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may I enter? =)

Sorry but it's the third headphone that i try to reinstall.

I wanted to change because i can't listen one ear.

try the first and then hold don't work and i listen only from one ear.

try the second and the same situation.

plus i have changed for this reasons.

What did I wrong?

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