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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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How to clean the venting of the MacBook air

hot macbook air

defect venting

cleaning venting

Can you open your macbook air on your own to clean the venting?

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You can blow out the fan but the logic board needs to be removed to clean the vents and heat sink and is risky procedure. We need the last three figures of your serial number to get you to the correct guide so you can look this over before you decide if you want to undertake it. "undertake" was not used lightly here ;-)

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Professionals do have their place in the world. The main danger is popping the connectors off the logic board. I know because I've done it even when using great care not to.


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I'd like to reiterate what Mayer said about it being quite an involved process. Typically a good blast of compressed air into the fans while the machine is off does a decent job.

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