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Первая модель iPhone. Модель А1203; с 4, 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; и алюминиевой задней крышкой. При ремонте придется помолиться и немного попаять.

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Is this battery properly soldered?

Hey guys,

I just soldered a new battery on my iphone 2g,

does this look properly soldered?

I think It is ok but I only doubt the black wire. But like I said it looks ok.


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rens, looks more glued than soldered :) but I know its a PITA. Have you checked to see if you get power from the battery to the board?



Well I think it is soldered on because the phone works great. it shows that it is charging and it is working fine.

Im just worried that the wire gets lose that is why i asked.

I am ok with the soldering but I must admit that it was not very easy to do.

so you think I need to apply a little more solder on it or will it be fine.


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rens, it is not easy to do and does require a steady hand, a good eye, and someone to hold the logic board while doing it. If it charges and works okay, I would leave it alone since it is fully functioning. It may not look pretty but it serves it s purpose. Good job in getting it done, and I do not think it will come off. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks I showed it to a teacher at the electronics lab at my university and he looked at it with a magnifying glass and said that I did a fine job. I have also secured it extra with three blobs of hot glue.


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