Vaio CS36GJ No video after repair from Sony Service Center

Hi Guys,

I got this laptop from my sister, and it was working great after 3 days from being shipped from Singapore. Although it had a history of repair (the heatsink and fan assembly was replaced), it worked great.

Then one fine day, lo and behold, it no display. I tried to tech it up, and I was down to 2 possible problems.

1) The Video chip was fried, due to the possible incompetence of the new fan/heatsink assembly that was put in.

2) The inverter is faulty/dead.

Any views on this? Also, is there a list of compatible parts that I can scrounge up to repair this on my own? I have the tools (soldering tools and the likes) to make this a personal repair.



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Ken, attach an external monitor to it. If the external video output is working, it is not your video processor. The inverter or the LCD replacement will not require any soldering. If it is not working, you could try to see if a reflow of the video GPU will resolve this problem. It will be tough to get the GPU for your computer to replace it, and might be easier to replace the board. Measure the voltage on your inverter and see what you get.

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Hi oldturkey03,

During my initial troubleshooting, I already connected it to an external monitor. Sorry for not putting it up in the question.

And by saying "reflow", what does it mean exactly? Care to elaborate?




Ken, here is the quick explanation and check the heat gun job out on here hope this sheds some light on it. :)


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