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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first Android handset to feature a controller with PlayStation controls.

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The screen looks cracked but cannot be felt?

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I was making a video when my friend slapped me. The phone ended up flying out of my hands and hitting my car and falling on a concrete driveway. A crack formed and spreaded from the right side of my phone to the top and near the bottom. I am trying to feel it but the screen feels smooth. The phone acts as it would, the screen's LCD still works the touch screen as well. Is there anyway to fix this "crack"?

EDIT: What cracked screen looks like on white bg.

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Skunkman, remember that your display is made up of multiple parts, most have the LCD, the digitizer/covering. Those parts are combined by using adhesives. So if the glass breaks, the crack will appear but the bond of the adhesive will keep the pieces together, and make it tough to feel. The only way to repair this would be be replacing the glass/touchscreen. Hope this helps. Parts are available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Just need to replace to touch screen digitizer:

Xperia PLAY digitizer

Repair Guide

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Lula, same thing was suggested on Jun 8 :-)


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im using the 2018 surface pro from microsoft and it has the same type of problem. is it the digitzer or something else?

It fell from a table and hit its leg. The screen is Not cracked but the inside of my device’s screen looks “cracked”

Any way to fix it?

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