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fans on nothing on screen no beep

when i power my iBook the two fans are on , led on front is on , but no beep , nothing on screen.

the mac will heat normally as it is working, it seems it is always in sleep mode.

i removed the battery and power up with ac adapter but same problem.



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First let's clear the PMU 1. Step 1 Quit all of your active applications and shut down your Mac. 2. Step 2 Once your computer is completely shut down, disconnect the computer's AC power Adapter and remove the battery from your Mac. 3. Step 3 Press and hold down the power button on your MacBook or MacBook Pro for at least five seconds and then release the power button. 4. Step 4 With your Mac still shut off, reinstall the battery in your MacBook or MacBook Pro and reconnect the AC Adapter. The PMU/SMU has now been reset on your computer. Does it start up?

Next we'll zap the PRAM. Hit the start button, hold down the option & command --P & R keys wait till it tones three times then try to start up. Please let us know the results so we can proceed. Thanks

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