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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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unsure which part to purchase for cracked screen

Only the screen is broken, but other parts working. I see the complete screen plus aircard etc IF160-002-1 for $499 or the Product code: IF186-050 for $129.95. Can I replace only the lesser item or does it require the more expensive part.

Please advise!

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If you can DIY to open and strip the machine to the LCD screen you can replace that part only. . . the part number will be on the back of the display. It's just simpler (faster) with these things to do a complete display/cover replacement.

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Thanks. I think you answered my question IN PART. But I gotta make sure with this. An errantly tossed (and quite foolishly too) object hit the screen, cracking the glass (the part on outside) and damaging the underlying and otherwise protected LCD display.

Does part IF186-050 include the LCD and the overlying glass, i.e., both components?


This replacement 13.3" MacBook LCD Panel includes only the LCD. It does not include the MacBook display casing, clutch cover, cables, hinge mounts, hinges, or a free MacBook. It is the perfect replacement for any broken LCD panel, as long as it's from a 13.3" MacBook.


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