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Replaced physical power button. Unit still not turning on. Switch?

After a bike accident, my iPhone 3GS refuses to turn on and off when pushing the top power button. I can use the phone normally by pressing the home button and waiting for the unit to go blank after using it.

I assumed the power button wasn't working so I replaced it today. If feels better when pressed but the unit still refuses to turn on and off. Is the switch (microswitch?) underneath the power button defective? What do I need to replace?

I also want to add that the back case has some cracks but it is underneath a decorative sticker. I don't see any signs of relation to the power button though.

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Often when the power button dies, it's because of the ribbon connecting the button as opposed to the physical button itself.

Replacing the Headphone Jack Assembly should fix your problem. You can get very cheap ribbons from places like eBay which I've had no problem with in the past, but iFixit tends to be the most reliable.

iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly Изображение


iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly


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Thank you. I'm also thinking of replacing the back cover since it has moderate damage on it.

I'm trying to figure out if that is also the cause or should I replace both back cover and assembly.


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