Обновленная версия iPhone 3G с более высокой скоростью обработки. Ремонт этого устройства схож с iPhone 3G, и требует простых отверток и инструментов для вскрытия. Модель A1303; 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; с Черной или Белой задней пластиковой крышкой.

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6 mths after replacing battery, phone turns off @ 50-60% batt.

I purchased a replacement 3GS battery from iFixit last fall and installed it during the winter. The phone itself is ~2.5 years old.

The battery life has seemed to degrade considerably faster than the original OEM battery. I try to maintain battery health with a discharge to ~15% and then fully recharge it at least once per month.

Over the past few days, the phone has consistently turned itself off during normal use while still reading as having greater than 50% battery life remaining.

Has anyone else seen similar issues with replacement batteries? If so, should I seek another replacement?

Thank you!

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This happens to a lot of aftermarket batteries. Best bet is to just pick up another one and swap it out.

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I have also bought an IPhone 32gs battery (APN 616-0434) form IFIXIT on May 05 2012 and after almost 4 month (September 1 2012) the phone could not power on nor recharge any more.

I replaced the new battery with the old (original one) that was defective and the IPhone started to recharge again. The problem with the original battery that is now installed in my IPhone is that it could not keep the charge. It went form 100% to Zero in seconds…. Now, I will only be able to make a call while the phone is connected to an external battery… until I get a new Battery.

But 4 Months is really very fast to a battery life. I would expected a year…



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