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Melted battery sodering pads

Ok, in trying to be cheap i asked a friend to replace the battery on my Ipod touch 3rd gen, but he melted the sodering pads. It will act like its charging, but then never charge. Once i got it to turn fully on, but then it turned off not long after. I would like to know if anyone can and will repair this, or if i can do it my self.

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jon, check these answers Anyway to reattach solder pads? and solder pads on iPod Touch 3g battery replacement and here as well Need Help Reataching Solder Pad For Battery- Need Help ASAP it will give you a better idea of what you may have to do to fix it. the other thing you might try and do, is to contact the user hectordtruong. In the answer section, just go to users and look for his name. He had done plenty of board level repair and does a great job.


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Copper trace can be bought online and the repair done correctly by epoxying the copper trace down after overlapping and soldering the trace to exposed copper pad after removing a small amount of board masking. This will give you a permanent repair.

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1. Use vacuum pump or solder wick to remove the soldered debris to clear the circuit line from the board and from the battery itself. Should look clean.

2. Use solder coil (thinest coil roll) on the board and create fresh lines over the copper lines of the board.

3. Do it one line at a time.

4. While doing such put a metal instrument such as screwdriver against the hot lining so that you prevent the heat damaging the circuit. It's very important.

5. Once the circuit lines have been freshly lined up with the solder coil, seat the battery on the exact spots and use kepton tape to keep the flex cable seated on place properly. You can use another helping hand in this regard if you wish to.

6. Put the solder coil over the battery flex cable and start soldering one line at a time over solder coil. Take time. Solder first and wait a minute to let it cool. Repeat the process to the next being very careful. Aim to finish one line at 1 to 2 solder press. And press very gently. Hard press may glide the iron or release too much head to the circuit and cause melting.

7. I hope you will make it. Good luck.

If my answer fulfills your issue's demand, please come back and Accept the answer.

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Soldering pads can be rebuilt by "scratching around " bad parts and making contact there. Then drag a "glob" of solder to the original point of entry for wire and you should make the proper connections. This happens alot on laptop power ports.

call me if you need to. or visit my website by viewing my profile.

(is it not allowed to post websites within forums)

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yes it possible to do yourself but requires a skilled hand. soldering, if done wront can damamge your device beyond the point of repair. i tried doing this several times and have failed HORRIBLE at each one and im pretty talented at gadget repair. i advice to get help from a friend or family who knows what their doing.

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