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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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The DS doesn't charge (plays fine)

I have a problem with my DS Lite. When the battery is full it plays fine, but when I put in the charger there happens nothing (no orange light, no charging).

I tried to see if it's the F1 or F2 fuse, or maybe the EM10 component. They all seem to be fine.

Though, I read somebody els checked the begin and the end of the fuses with the multimeter. What I did was just put the two pens of the multimeter on the fuse like this:


Thank you



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Johan Hendriks, you checked it the right way. I also suppose that your multimeter showed continuity, which indicates that the fuse are okay. I would check the charger and make sure that you have the proper voltage coming out of the adapter. Check the charging port with a multimeter and see if it has power when the charger is plugged in. Check the solder points to make sure that are properly attached to the logic board. Sometimes the solder connections brake. Of course, make sure that you have a battery that still holds a charge, and make sure that it makes proper contact. Check for corrosion on the points. I would also check the battery connectors with a multimeter while the DS is plugged in. See what voltage you get on those. Hope this gets you started. Good Luck.

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Thank you oldturkey03 for your fast reply. I'm pretty new to the multi-meter stuff, so I'll do it step by step. The charger is fine, since it works on my other DS fine. Same goes for the battery. You say at first that I should check the charging port (I guess that's the place where I plug in the charger). Do I have to check that on continuity too, or do I juse voltage meting there? And, where on the port do I place the meter pens?

PS: Sorry for the bad english, I hope you can follow it.

Thanks again.


Place the probes on the two prongs of the port that are solder onto the logic board, They should exit on the back of the port unto the logic board. Set your voltmeter to DC current plug in the charger and see what the voltage reads.


I don't know what I did, but first there didn't happen anything. I tried my other DS (which isn't working either, but that one has another problem, charges fine though). On that DS there was a voltage. (I had the meter set on 20V). It said 6,5V or something around that amount.

I tried the other DS again (since I now knew what I should see on the screen)... Nothing. Tried again (maybe I didn't hit the port well with the prongs) I pushed a little harder, to make sure there was contact, and 'pew', the orange light went on. I think the connection between the board and the port had gone bad or something. But I'm very glad that it works again! Thank you very much!

Of course I'd like to repair my other DS too. I guess I should ask a new question for that, since it's an other problem?


Great job in figuring it out :-) congratulations. Now where you know what the issue is, you could just resolder the connector. Use a 15-30w soldering iron. Do not use a gun or anything like that, also, I advice against the propane torches. Check this video for a general idea. Hope this helps. Thank you for accepting my answer :)


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both of my fuses are good (my multimeter shoes continuity) so I've measured the voltage on them.

On f1 there is about 5V which is the voltage from the charger. My expectation was to get the battery voltage on f2 but my multimeter shows about 0V. Do you know the electric diagram of the DS lite, at least about the power supply.

Of course I've checked that the battery is charged and I was able to check that on the solder points of the battery socket there is 3.7V. I was not able to go over due to game card socket.

Many thanks in advance


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fix the tiny metal sticks inside the charger port it should be charging in no time

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