Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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I can't find my original installation disks.

I own an old G4 ibook which I bought directly from Apple years ago. It's original hard drive finally "kicked the bucket" two months ago. I'm going to be replacing the hard drive when I get it, but for the life of me I can't find my original installation disks.

Will getting one of the newer operating systems work or am I screwed. Any answers will help. Thanks!!

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You can get a copy of your original system installation disk from Apple. Just call them, 1-800-MYAPPLE, give them your serial number, and a credit card. They card $16.00 plus tax for this and you generally get it within 4 days. You would need a retail system installation to bump the operating system. For the advisability on this please give us the last three figures of your serial number and your RAM configuration. Thanks

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Thanks for answering! Pardon me for being a little confused with trying to find the serial number. I have 5 different sets of numbers on my computer. One under the battery and four under the keyboard.


Try the one from the sidewall of the battery compartment.


Last 3 on Serial is S85. As for the RAM I think it's 32 VRAM? Sorry for my stupidy on this if it's wrong.


Apple iBook G4/1.33 14-Inch (Late 2004 - Op) Specs

Identifiers: iBook G4 - Late 2004 - M9627LL/A* - PowerBook6,5 - A1055 - N/A

Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.3.5 (7P216) Maximum MacOS: X 10.5.8

Standard RAM: 256 MB Maximum RAM: 1.25 GB

Details: The maximum memory capacity of this system is 1.25 GB with 256 MB onboard and a 1.0 GB SO-DIMM.


Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.3.5 (7P216) Maximum MacOS: X 10.5.8

Looks like you will have to go to eBay or Fastmac:


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