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PS3 saying hard drive is corrupt

PS3 saying hard drive is corrupt. Then loads but it goes straight back to the same message. Please help. Thank you

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forrest, try this first"Turn the console off by holding/pressing the power button down until you hear three spaced out beeps (before powering down).

Hold the power button until you hear a first and second beep - followed by a quick double beep, release the the button. You should now be a the option menu, such as "System Restore" etc, here you select "System Restore" and follow the onscreen instructions. If this should not resolve the issue, repeat the steps to get to the menu option and select "System Reset". This should resolve your issue but you will probably lose saved game data.

The only other way would be by removing the HDD from the PS3, then reformatting it with a computer and then reinstall the drive in the PS3. It should then be restored by the PS3 to the appropriate Sony firmware.

Of course, you also want to keep in mind that you might have HDD problems and that you may have to replace the drive. There may be a true reason for the drive to become corrupted. Hope this helps, good luck.

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But is there any other way to not lose any game data?


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I don't believe you can format that drive in a PC, they usually lock them, in fact the drive is setup as master 0 drive, you will likely mess up the master boot record on your pc, then you will have a inoperable pc and no ps3. If the drive is corrupt, it's likely it's soon to fail. I would uninstall it, don't toss it though, I'm sure ps3 has a special cable you can use to transfer data from the old drive to the new one. I'm not sure on the ps3, but I know the xbox 360 will run without a hard drive you just can't save your games. That would atleast allow you to play until you can find a replacement drive on ebay or amazon.

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