Why does my MacBook Pro 15" freeze at startup and gets very hot

Hello, i've been having some problems with my Macbook Pro 15", Model A1226... It freezes at startup and the bottom front of the computer gets very hot if i leave it on the frozen screen (apple logo and stopped spinning gear)... Based on numerous forums, i tried resetting the Pram, Restarting in safe mode, Running the disk utility, resetting the SMC.. Running the disk utitlity (/sbin/fsck -fy) had worked a couple times but now nothing will.... So i was then led to replace the hard drive, i replaced the hard drive with the seagate 750gb, which i purchased from ifixit.com.... So now Im still having trouble starting up and installing the Mac OS X Snow Leopard.... I have everything backed up with time machine on an external hard drive so i was trying a fresh install, holding the option key while turning on, then install OS X, but all its doing is staying on the apple logo screen and the spinning gear, then eventually it will say, restart the computer holding the power button.... Another note the hard drive is not shown when i hold down the option key at startup, just the disc install is shown.... Im guessing because the new hard drive is not recognized since its not formatted yet.... Any Ideas....? Thanks

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Do you have a Restore dvd came with this MacBook Pro . Try with these dvd to restore the operating system. Otherwise power on the laptop holding down the option button then insert the snow leopard dvd inside . after coming the dvd on the screen , hold down the command + v then press the enter or click with the trackpad. it will go to verbose mode to see where dvd stopped. If you have the restore dvds then you can check the problem in your system if have . Insert the 2nd dvd holding the D button , Slowly diagnostic will start , sit down and leave it for while , it will automatically system have any problem or not .

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I have just had this same problem, it turns out its a graphics chip failure, which is common on these models.

The machine would have had a 4 year warranty on this issue from the date of purchase. Likely this has expired, however all is not lost. Go to your local apple retailer and have them diagnose the fault - this is a free service.

Then, it it is the graphics chip, ring Apple and tell them your computer had been breaking down before the warranty ended but you did not know what it was. They will refuse, but after arguing and going to supervisors they will offer a free repair code to your machine, just take it to the nearest store and they will repair it.

Just a sidenote, if it is not the graphics chip, please ensure you have cleaned out both the intake and outtake fans, this may resolve some of the heat issue.

It is my understanding this model does 'run hot' but to varying degrees. Chances are if the heatsink vents have not been cleaned then they will be plugged up.


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