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Searching for service manual for lg 42pc7rv plasma TV

Am looking for service manual for lg 42pc7rv plasma TV.

Can anyone guide m to right direction please.



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Thank you fr your prompt reply.Can not download.Created an account username "pdfman2002" please authorize me to enable me to download.thanks


Give it a try now. Sorry about that, looks like share was off :)


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Vahid, here you go. Hope this helps.

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I am looking for the service and repair manual for the model MT-42PZ91V. i have purchased this plasma in 2003 at Dubai. Now the main board is defective and it is not available in my country. Please help me

Best regards

Rohana Upulananda

(From SriLanka)


rohaupu, email me (my address is in my profile) so I can help you with that.


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