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Обновленная версия iPhone 3G с более высокой скоростью обработки. Ремонт этого устройства схож с iPhone 3G, и требует простых отверток и инструментов для вскрытия. Модель A1303; 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; с Черной или Белой задней пластиковой крышкой.

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Power Button Not work after Water and repair

The Background:

I had an iPhone 3G for a year, no problems... Got the iPhone 3GS the day it came it out. One week later, I went swimming with it in my pocket. I shut it off. Disassembled it, dryed it and parked it in some rice for over 48 hours. Reassemebled it, restored it, and it worked great, EXCEPT for the power button. With the 3GS, I could turn it off by holding the Home button, and turn it on by plugging it up to charge or sync. No biggy.

The Problem:

I thought I just needed a new power button. Ordered the past last week. Just installed the whole ribbon cable (Power, Headphone Jack, Mute, Volume). Everything works EXCEPT the power button! I've cleaned all the connectors, checked everything I can check. Nothing seems to effect it.

Side Note:

My old 3G went to my wife, she dropped it in the sink for a few second, so as precaution, I took it apart, dried it and riced it. After assembly, it worked fine, until a month ago, when its power button went out. What is going on?

Could a drop somehow effect only the power button function on the main board?

Are the 3G and 3GS power, headphone, mute, volume cables the same? I ordered for a 3G and 3Gs and may have mixed them up.


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The 3g flex cable is not the same as the 3gs. You might have mixed them up. I haven't tried the 3g flex in the 3gs but i would think it wouldn't work at all. Not just get some of the functions. You could send it to a repair centre. normal price for a power fix is 35.99 and it comes with a 90 day warranty. this way you can be certain that it works. But if it is a problem with the board you might have to replace the whole thing.

Here is a link to my favourite repair centre:


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Thanks. I'll try swapping those cables out and see if it works. I figured if it worked at all (the volume, headphone jack) it was the right one... Which it does. I'm probably not going to repair it since the new iPhone is due out this summer, plus the cost of a new board is almost as much as a new phone. Thanks for the advice.


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