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Trouble recognizing hard drive during disk installation

Ok, I installed my new 320 GB hard drive today and a few days ago after more digging around, I was very lucky to finally find my old installation disks (YAY).

I'm currently following the "Installing Mac OS X V.10.v Leopard" guide but since my disks are not Leopard I'm having a hard time understanding steps 5 through 11. I see my new hard drive in the menu but it has no partition type. Plus the buttons that are shown in the guide are not the same my disk's version. I tried to follow some of the steps but when I go to choose my hard drive in the installation it has a red symbol saying that it can't be used.

I'm hoping that someone could help me on this because I'm really lost.

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If it has no (or the wrong) partition type you must (re)partition it before installing the OS. Use Disk Tools->Disk Utility:Partition tab choose "Apple Partition Map" for type.

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