Spilled tea on my MacBook and now Airport Card isn't reading?

About three days ago, I spilt tea on my 13" Macbook. It got all over the keyboard so I immediately flipped it over and shut it down.

I proceeded to check Google through my desktop computer and see if I could do anything, and someone had posted an iFixit guide on how to take apart the Macbook so I could dry it off. I took out the battery and the trackpad and wiped both off, then proceeded to dab at any wet parts on the logic board and elsewhere.

I managed to reassemble everything, and then turned on the computer, which seemed as good as new. Only there was one problem: it claims that my Airport Card is not installed.

I'm fairly confident it's a hardware issue as I had given it to a friend who reset the SMC, PRAM, and a bunch of other things -- he also thinks it's most likely a hardware issue.

My question is this: Am I only going to need to replace the Airport Card (if it is damaged) or is there a chance that the liquid has damaged the logic board and now it's unable to read the Airport Card? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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Thanks you for the answers! My CD drive also doesn't seem to be able to read CDs, so I'll be taking the laptop to a shop to assess the damage/repairs required.


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Yes you could have either or both a damaged card, or logic board connector.

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I am assuming you or your friend removed the Airport card and cleaned the contacts well?

Any possibility you are under warranty still? That would be my first thing, warranty repair if so. If not...

Do you know anybody else with a Macbook? You could look up which models of Macbook or MBPs use that model Airport card and see if they would let you swap for troubleshooting purposes. If theirs works in yours then you know its the Airport card and not logic board.

If not, you may just be stuck buying a new Airport card that is compatible.

My gut says, if you are not experiencing any other abnormalities with use then it is just the Airport card messed up. Good luck!

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Josh - Apple will not/does not cover liquid spills under warranty.


Haha, fair enough. I wouldn't either. Wasn't aware if they did or not. Never had a liquid spill accident happen to me, so never had to find out ;)


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