The display on my iPod is blurred?

for a while i had problems with my ipod. half of the screen was unresponsive to any touch but i left it . after being cracked & quickly fixed at a non-apple store it had a little opening gap between the upper left side. i was messing with it & squeezed it down pretty hard & when it got back on the screen was more as fizzed out like a tv screen. the side that wasnt working is still unresponsive to touch & i have the additional problem to the color & display. any one know how much it could cost it be fixed? or how i can?

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sarah, it sure looks like you need a new display assembly. The unresponsiveness is from a broken digitizer circuit and the distorted image is a broken LCD. Check here for the guides. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Had a similar issue with mine, the display was flickering regardless of pressure on the back. i swapped the screen myself for under 60 bucks with no issues sense. I got mine from here.

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