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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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I can't transfer files-music, says not enough memory?

I deleted a bunch of files I thought weren't necessary throughout my Powerbook G4.

After that every time I go to transfer a file it says cannot be transferred because there's not enough memory.

i.e. I take a flashdrive or an external hard drive to my usb and I go to Itunes and drag the song to flashdrive or harddrive on the desktop and it gives me that error. How can I fix this help...

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You don't tell us how much RAM you actually have, but part of the OS's "memory" is "virtual" (not RAM but space on the HD) that means you have to have at least 20% of your HD's capacity free for it to work properly.

So you'll have to strip anything you can reload out of the machine until you get a minimum of 20% free space (slightly over is better). Also from System Preferences:Accounts (Users/groups) uncheck whatever log in items you can.

You could also have a failing hard drive so after you've cleaned out applications boot from your install disk and run Disk Tools->Disk Utility:Disk First Aid-Repair Disk (''if there's nothing to repair no harm, no foul, if you run ve

If this answer was helpful please remember to return an mark it Accepted.rify and it fails you'll have to run repair anyway).''

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Its 75GB

I have 10GB left.

I unchecked 2 log in items.

I can empty trash fine, but the only way I was able to transfer music was by burning into a CD.

If I run First Aid Repair, does that permanently delete anything?


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Arturo - For future reference you posted a comment in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the Add Comment link, or update your Question. No it deletes nothing... it just tries to repair (rebuild) your master boot directory of what files are where, and what space is free or in use. Some corrupt files might disappear if your drive is really messed up you might lose that data anyway if it's damaged. How big is the drive you're writing to?Is that where there is not enough free space? Do a file get info on the iTunes library to find out how big it is.... though if you can burn a CD you should be able to fit it on a thumb drive, unless the drive is only 250 or 500MB (CDs are generally over 600MB).


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