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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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My iPod touch 4th generation 8gb will not work at all

I replaced my screen and digitizer and everything was going smoothly until I tried it out. I re-plugged and re-plugged and re-plugged over and over again. At first, nothing would show up on the screen. All that would happen was when I would plug it in to charge, it would make its bleeping sound. Then I re-installed the same screen again, then nothing happened. Even when I plugged it in. It will not connect to itunes, and I have been stressing about it all night. I was extreamly careful and followed all instructions very carefully. Now I have no tricks or anything left, and I'm very disappointed my iPod is destroyed. I need help as soon as possible.

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I think I ESD'd it because it will not turn on at all. Is that fixable? Because if that's it, do I need a new iPod?


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Have you tried a hard restart....?

Hold lock and home for about 10 seconds.

Generally with most Ipods that i work on i some how bumb either home or lock while it is off it boots while I am repairing it... and then acts like a brick....

So if you would...

hold lock and home for about ten seconds and it should boot...

If not... then you might have ESD'd the device....

ESD is eletro static damage, your body can have a charge of several thousand volts, and then pass this charge to the device. To see the spark, such as when you rub your socks on the carpet it has to be at least 20,000 volts. meanwhile...your device will be harmed with as little as 12 volts.


With ESD in my experience it is DIFFICULT beyond all reason to find where the damage is. With the I pods...I would make sure that there is a signal going from both buttons to the logic board and the cables going to the screen and digitizer. Charge the battery? After that either new ipod or new logic board....

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it takes at least 3000 Volts to actually feel the spark, so there is quite a large range there where damage can happen without you being aware of it at all...

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I also had the same problem but a littie because i replace a new screen it work but later on i unplug it out and later i plug it back in and gets me a littie strip of line and white screen and the screen was cheap from hongkong so now my ipod wont turn on because maybe i broke something at the metal thing where the digitizer on the top metal thing

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You need to do a soft reset since it was on when the LCD and digitizer was disconnected while still on. Hold the power button at the top and the home button a the bottom at the same time and hold for about 10 secs. This will reboot the iPod and should reset your screen.

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