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A series of 15" media laptops manufactured by Dell.

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My laptop isn't turning on, i'd dead, what to do?

My laptop Dell Studio 1555 wen dead about a month ago. I got it repaired, it worked fine for two days after that, and then it went to same condition.

I'm not able to make out what is the problem there. The one who repaired said there's problem with the power supply section.

Can any one tell me a better cure to it ???

I wish to know, if there any problem with he motherboard that may be causing his ??

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The first thing to check is the output of your AC adapter. you should get DC19.5V 4.62A. If that works, you need to disassemble your laptop and check the DC jack. Your model uses a DC jack that plugs into the logic board. Check the wires and the connector to make sure it is properly seated and that the pins are in good working order. You can get the service manual from here. It will show you how to work on your laptop. Hope this helps, good luck.

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