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1.86GHz or 2.13GHz Processor, 128GB or 256GB Flash Storage

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Where is the power jumper on the logic board?


I have a MacBook Air (late 2010, Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz, A1369) that had a little bit of water spashed on the keyboard. It won't turn on. The magsafe light does turn orange when you plug it in. Someone from Apple took a look at it and said that it seemed like the keyboard is the one reason why it won't turn on, as no water indicators have been tripped anywhere. I'm hoping to try and turn this computer on by momentarily shorting the power pins on the board, but I'm not finding them. Does anyone know where they are, or how else I can turn it on without the keyboard?

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Hello Evan,

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your Mac? I have the exact same issue. I have not attempted to short it out as I would do a PC but that is my next step. If that does not work what did you come up with?

Thanks a bunch



For board-level troubleshooting for MacBooks, you need to watch Louis Rossmann's YouTube channel. He has an amazing talent for this work.

I watched this one a few days ago and loved it, seems perfect for this question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLH2Ns7Z...



Thanks Jessa, this really helped a bunch. I had another client walk in today with the exact same Macbook Air Model I was trouble shooting for my other client and found that this video was the answer to my solution for that particular case.

The problem with the other Macbook Air is that the light on the charger turns Green for 5 seconds when first plugged in, then goes Amber. After an hour or so it turns Green again. I already know that the battery has past it's cycle life, but I unplugged the battery and attempted to turn it on that way and by pass the battery power. This did not work, the machine will not respond to any key commands or power up. It will not even allow me to reset the SMC. I believe that either the SMC chip has burnt out or one of the other chips surrounding it has, I have not gotten back to that machine as of yet. If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment back.

Happy New Year!


I will ask Louis to come comment on this himself. He got beat up trying to answer some MacBook questions for his first time in iFixit Answers yesterday, but I will ask him to give it another try. I'm glad to know you found his advice helpful, I know I sure do :)


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Evan, see if the attached image works for you (follow the red arrow:-). Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed, and more. It also means the board is messed up because I already tried shorting those pads with no luck! But this guide is immensely helpful.


You are very welcome. Thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you.


Any possibility of getting the whole image above? Some key parts are cut off. I'd like to see those missing areas if possible.

Pretty please?


Hi, excellent information!

By chance, would you have the same image of the Macbook Air A1237?

Or could you tell me where is the power jumper on the mother board?

Thank you very much!


From your numbers it looks to be a 2008 MacBook Air. That particular logic board view does not appear in my service manuals until the 2010 manual.


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Check main power rails for the machine. PPBUS_G3H PP3V3_S5, PP3V3_S3, PP5V_S5, PP5V_S3. These acronyms are very simple, in the schematic it says how much power should be there. And if you don't see it, you can guess. PP3V42.. 3.42v. PP3V3_S5, 3.3v. PP5V_S5, 5v. The S number is when it should be there. S5, be there when it's off. S3, be there when it's sleeping. S0, be there when it's on. If any are missing, you have an idea where to start looking. In terms of posting pictures of schematics, I have no idea what board you have, but you can google the 820 number and find schematics and boardviews available from many sites.

The green light comes from PP3V42_G3H, which is a power rail independent from the rest. PPBUS_G3H is the main power rail that the rest of the system comes from, it is an 8v rail in the case of Macbook Airs. 3.3v rails, 5v rails, CPU vcore rails, memory power all comes from that one rail, so if you don't have it you're kinda screwed. Before we can even go trying to turn it on,Second thing to do

this must be present. A green or amber light with battery plugged in just means you have PP3V42_G3H which isn't that impressive.

Also you will get the light, but no power, even if clock signal is not present. Find out if you have RTC present, I don't know where to tell you to search for SYSCLK_RTC on your board because I don't know your board's 820 model number. You can check it with an oscilloscope. Without RTC present nothing will power on, because nothing knows to start working. You should see a waveform lo

Third thing to ask is if this is an i5/i7 model. All the core i5 and core i7 models will turn themselves on with a charger plugged in, so if it is one of these models we do not even need to try a new keyboard/trackpad/trackpad cable combo to see if your issue is just that of a bad power button. 90% of the time these don't turn on just because of a failed power button.

If this is a core 2 duo machine it will only turn on when you hit the power button on the keyboard, so if that is the case, you are not so lucky. You can short SMC_ONOFF_L pad to ground as well but it is easy on this board to short bad things on the trackpad cable connector so I just suggest finding a keyboard/trackpad/trackpad cable combo and hitting power with a new keyboard. Most of the time it is simple liquid damage the customer lied about because they think if they lie it will magically go away, it is silly human thinking.

There is a good chance this is fixable just from basic spill damage to the keyboard, but no way to know until the measuring gets started.

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This is an excellent answer, perfect for your audience. I'm so happy you were willing to give this another try :) :) :)


Thank you Louis, this has been most helpful. I am working on this particular one today. The board that I am working on is a A1369 Logic Board from a 2010 Macbook Air. with a SSD. I will let you know my findings.

Happy New Years,



Hey Louis--thank you so much for contributing. It's not often that anyone supplies such a detailed, technical answer. I continue to watch all of your YouTube videos almost religiously. For anyone else interested, if you are looking to get into your own diagnosis and repair at the component level, take a look at the schematics here http://laptop-schematics.com/view/8610/ and watch all of Louis' videos. You will not find a better set anywhere, I've looked long and hard. Highly recommended. I'm a senior EE undergrad and his videos have helped tremendously.


Hi Louis, if I've understood correctly, you mean if I have PP3V43_G3H I must have green light in the MagSafe? however, I have a 820-3435B that PPBUS_G3H is present (8,5 V) and I also have PP3V42_G3H (3,42 V) but no green light.


@gersoncruz he has not been on here since 2015. You could be waiting a long time......


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