keyboard not working, typing causes left click to act as right click

Hi everyone, so while cleaning my macbook pro's screen with LCD cleaner, and then using that cloth to wipe the keyboard I may have "water damaged" my keyboard. The keys on the body do not function at all, those that do do not correspond to their function (ex. the letter K types a random number).

I have attached a usb keyboard externally that works like a charm, but when the thought of fixing it came to mind i figured i would ask. Actually using the body's keyboard causes the track pad to act as thought I am right clicking; the solution I find is to pull out the usb for the external keyboard and put it back in again. If anyone can help, please let me know.

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You might be able to do a workaround with a key remapper application.

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OH MY GOD. you are a lifesaver! I am typing this from the keyboard on my macbook pro, which i have remapped and it works like it did when i first bought it. :') I'm so happy and I want others with similar problems to know this works! For anyone wondering, you download the application, then go into key remapper preferences > general > "don't remap external keyboards", then you simply change keyboard layout to something else, then uncheck that box again to switch back to a QWERTY layout, and VOILA. Once again machead3, I cannot thank you enough. :)


i am so much thankful to you for this comment, i did not do a remapping but it brought to my attention that key board has gone crazy not the mouse so I removed the battery of the keyboard and blew air to clean it up and replugged the worked fine no mouse right clicking issue.

thanku very much


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