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Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including the iPod original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, Classic, and Touch.

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Does anybody have a list the mAh's for all iPods?

I would like a comprehensive list off all the mAh's for all the different iPods for the original apple batteries that came in the iPods, if anybody knows.


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Apple doesn't seem to publish these specs but you can see the battery specs for all iPod models from this list at iPodbatteryfaq.com (scroll to the table lower down on the page)

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The first link you posted doesn't work. i think it needs to be all in lowercase like this: http://iPodbatteryfaq.com/iPodbatteryand...

Otherwise, there's a pretty good list on that table, but i wonder if there's a more official list at all or not (of apple's mAh's). I'm not sure if some of those are apple's or what that company sells?

But it's a good start, thanks!


that's odd, it just makes it upper case "iPod" not "iPod" for the link. To access the link you need to change the upper-case "p"'s to lower-case here: http://iPodbatteryfaq.com/iPodbatteryand...


Just another comment-- from the one iPod i just checked it looks like that link has incorrect numbers for some of the iPod, or perhaps it's just the mAh that they offer. For the iPod nano 1st, I have 340mAh, but the list says 300mAh. Just fwi.


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