Device is dead/will not Charge

Hi all.

Awhile back, my 4th generation, 8 GB iPod touch was exposed to a minor splash of water. The screen and the digitizer worked without any sign of malfunction as well as all the other parts, with one exception: the battery.

In detail, ever since the incident the device will not charge. I've tried plugging it into the computer as well as a USB wall charger. Neither approach will charge it.

At this time, the device's battery is completely dead. If I plug it into any power source, the charging screen appears ( but nothing else will happen. Even if left for 48 hours plugged in, the device will not turn on.

Any idea what needs to be replaced? I'd assume it's the battery but then why couldn't it run off directly off of AC power from the wall?

Thanks in advance

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Jake Wimmer, it may do this because of a failure off the smart battery. Some of the idevices will not run unless they recognize a battery. Definitely start with a new battery. You also want to make sure that your dock connector is not shortened out, or shows any corrosion or debris. Start with a new battery and work from there. Make sure you clean the logic board with 90+% isopropyl alcohol to remove some of the water damage....

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Thanks! Any recommendations on where to buy the battery from? Also, if the iPod is powered by a wall charger, is it still possible the dock connector would be somewhat shorted?

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