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Information on common issues with the device Can be found here, our troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Fangbook is a gaming laptop series developed by CyberPowerPC. It was launched in 2013, bearing the newest generation of Intel Core Processors (4th Generation) at the time. The fangbook lineup includes many different variations and sizes of laptops, catering to different price levels with differing levels of performance.

This model, the HX7-150, is a 17.3'' laptop based off of MSI's MS-1763 whitebook. A whitebook is essentially a bare-bones laptop that a customer, or a manufacturer, can purchase and modify. It comes with a Core i7 4700MQ (This is the CPU) and a NVIDIA Geforce 770M (A mobile level 770 GPU).

This specific model can be identified by the specs shown in Windows device manager - or on the bottom of the laptop.

It has since been discontinued on CyberpowerPC's website, due to it's age.

Additional Information

A retailer's view of the device. Includes reviews, and specifications of the device

General overview of the device

A device page for the MS-1763 Whitebook - what this computer is based off of.

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