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Sound Generator

Data format: 16-bit linear WAV

Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

Memory: 2MB standard, expandable to 32MB with 72pin SIMMsn

Preset sound memory: 8MB FlashRom option (FMX008M)

Recording time: 21.9 sec. mono / 10.9 sec. stereo (2MB), around 6mn mono / 3mn stereo (32MB))

Polyphony: 32-voice

Filters: 1 dynamic resonant 12dB/octave low-pass filter per voice

Number of active programs: 4 (with up to 64 pads per program)

Maximum samples in memory: 256


Capacity: 300,000 notes

Resolution: 96ppq

99 Sequences

64 Tracks per sequence

32 MIDI output channels (16 channels x 2 output ports)

Song mode: 20 songs, 250 steps per song

Simultaneous playback of a second sequence

MIDI Sync: Master/Slave, MIDI Clock, MTC, MMC


16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads

4 pad banks

16 Levels: Velocity, Tuning

Automated Pad Mixer (Level and Pan)

Note variation slider controls Level, Pitch, Filter Cutoff, Attack, Decay

Track Mute and Next Sequence features for live performance


Record Input (L and R): jack x 2, balanced

Digital Input: RCA x 1, SPDIF (option)

Stereo Output (L and R): jack x 2, unbalanced

Individual Outputs: jack x 8, unbalanced (option)

Headphone Output: stereo jack x 1

Digital Output: RCA x 1, SPDIF (option)

MIDI: 2 x MIDI In and 2 x MIDI Out

SCSI: 50pin high density connector


Display: 248x60 dot graphic tilting LCD

Multi-Card drive (MCD model only): Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media, Secure Digital

Standard accessories: 1x CD-ROM sound library, Power cable

Power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Consumption: 23W

Dimensions (H x W x D):

4.17" x 15.95" x 8.99" (106mm x 405mm x 331mm)

Weight: 12.13lbs (5.5kg)

Optional Accessories

IB-M208P: 8 individual output and digital I/O board

EB16: Multi-effects processor board (4 simultaneous FX)

FMX008M: 8MB Flash ROM board


MPC 2000XL

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