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Background and Identification

The Panasonic compact shaver ES4815 has a rectangular shape with curved smooth corners. The power button is located in the center of the body of the shaver. The model number can be found below the power button. The Panasonic compact shaver ES4815 consists of a two blades floating blade system. These blades have an angle of 60 degrees. Similar models have blades with different angles, like 30 degrees, and 70 degrees. The motor speed is 8,200 RPM, which is a relatively slow speed compared to similar models, which can have 11,000 RPM, 14,000 RPM, and other speeds. It is a wet/dry compact shaver, and it is battery operated(2 x AA batteries).

The most common flaws of this product are related to the low speed of the motor, which ultimately means that the shaver does not cut as quickly as the customers normally expect.

Additional Information

Panasonic Product Support

Operating Instruction Manual

Panasonic ES4815 on Amazon

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