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Замена аккумулятора и/или трекпада для MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2012-2015

  1. Открутите винты: Восемь 3.0мм
    • Открутите винты:

    • Восемь 3.0мм

    • Два 2.3 мм

  2. Снимаем крышку со стороны вентиляционных отверстий.
    • Снимаем крышку со стороны вентиляционных отверстий.

    • Убираем крышку в сторону.

  3. Отгибаем наклейку, закрывающую разъем батареи.
    • Отгибаем наклейку, закрывающую разъем батареи.

  4. Ни каких металлических инструментов! Используя плоский конец лопатки, аккуратно приподнимаем разъем батареи прямо из гнезда на материнской плате. Согните кабели аккумуляторной батареи назад и в сторону, убедившись, что разъем батареи случайно не вступит в контакт с платой.
    • Ни каких металлических инструментов!

    • Используя плоский конец лопатки, аккуратно приподнимаем разъем батареи прямо из гнезда на материнской плате.

    • Согните кабели аккумуляторной батареи назад и в сторону, убедившись, что разъем батареи случайно не вступит в контакт с платой.

  5. Удалите следующие винты батареи. Удалите следующие винты батареи.
    • Удалите следующие винты батареи.

    What kind of screws are these? T5 Torx or ?

    rob - Ответить

    T5 torx is correct.

    tore - Ответить

  6. Есть риск повреждения аккумулятора! Внимание: аккуратно вырезайте слой клейкой ленты под батареей с помощью тонкой нити проволоки. Клейкая лента не реагирует на нагрев! Внимание: аккуратно вырезайте слой клейкой ленты под батареей с помощью тонкой нити проволоки. Клейкая лента не реагирует на нагрев!
    • Есть риск повреждения аккумулятора!

    • Внимание: аккуратно вырезайте слой клейкой ленты под батареей с помощью тонкой нити проволоки. Клейкая лента не реагирует на нагрев!

    The High E String from my acoustic guitar worked like a charm. Dental floss, not so much!

    Vincent Loiacono - Ответить

    Can you buy a tool like this? If so whats it called because I cant find it and I don't have a guitar lol... !

    oliverdixon1990 - Ответить

    I used a 28ga (.32mm) Kanthal wire which I borrowed from my vaper roommate. That was much too thick so the process went really slowly. Took more than an hour and a half to cut all the batteries. I would recommend to get at least 34ga Kanthal if that's what you have to work with

    Ilya Gulkov - Ответить

    You can get a 34ga (.16mm) Kanthal wire from any vape shop. I used a 28ga (.32mm) and it worked, but it was much too thick and I had to go really slow

    Ilya Gulkov - Ответить

    I recommend something like this: http://a.co/cYzsvbP

    chriscase - Ответить

    First off, I recommend having a second set of hands to help hold the MacBook pro in place. It’s probably doable by yourself, but have someone else hold the laptop in place while you cut the adhesive.

    Second, we tried using a single strand of cat6 wire. (one of the 4 twisted wires inside a cat6 cable). This was fruitless, because the wire didn’t have enough tensile strength, nor could it sheer anything with a rounded plastic sheath on the outside. We had success with grabber nylon twine, which we use for pulling wires through the wall. Make sure whatever you use has tensile strength and is able to actually cut.

    Alex Grayson - Ответить

    It ‘s Not safe to use guitar string! I tried this and caused a small (orange) arc when the wire slid down to the bottom where the conductive contacts are. It’s better to use high-strength nylon thread or something non conductive.

    jblongz - Ответить

    I had good luck using 17 lb. monofilament fishing line tied to two pencils. Do one battery at a time, starting at the outside. Get the line under the plastic carriage in the middle two batteries. Sawing fast seems to soften the adhesive rather than going slow. After you get the individual batteries loose, then slide the line under the pairs. When the whole six pack is loose slide it forward out of the way.

    Miguel Quemados - Ответить

    I used 3 strands of dental floss connected on both sides to a clothes pin. Then sliding back and forth with the floss under the cell and within 10 minutes all 4 cells were out. The cleaning of the remnant glue strips with the adhesive remover took way more time.

    meindert.kok@kersentuin.net - Ответить

  7. Убедитесь, что вы не повредите шлейф трекпада! Поднимайте металлическую пластину под аккумулятором с помощью металлической лопатки.
    • Убедитесь, что вы не повредите шлейф трекпада!

    • Поднимайте металлическую пластину под аккумулятором с помощью металлической лопатки.

    It is too hard to get the center 2 batteries off the metal plate. I used a plastic drinking straw like a funnel, tucked it under the batteries to directly get to the glue and used a few drops of 70% rubbing alc with a dropper. (i did not have the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol although 91% is recommended as it dies quickly) I did this to both the batteries on both sides while gently pulling the string down to cut through the glue. Once my batteries were off I used the plastic spudger to go under the metal plate which is glued on all sides.

    sindhujarajaramji - Ответить

    The middle two cells sit on a black back plate. This protects the trackpad, so you’ll be fine using the cutting wire. The only place to watch out for is right at the top, near the battery connector. If you look just to the right of the battery connector, you’ll see another connector which is for the trackpad. Follow that wire and just make sure you’re careful with the wire around it.

    You’ll also find that the adhesive doesn’t start right at the top of the battery. Rather, it starts about 1cm from the top. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble avoiding the trackpad wire.

    Alex Grayson - Ответить

  8. Снимите аккумулятор. Снимите аккумулятор.
    • Снимите аккумулятор.

    I used the isopropyl method to ease the glue, applied with an inkjet refill syringe… I stripped a piece of copper wire (12”) and twisted the strands to make the wire string to cut the glue. Took less time to remove the battery that I thought it would. hat surprised me was I found stray small black screws stuck to the little magnets next to the battery connector, turns out they were from the fan casings, so keep an eye out for that. Great tutorial, much easier replacement than I thought beforehand.

    Eric Robinson - Ответить

    what is a little misleading about this photo is that there is a black metal piece between the trackpad and battery that did not come off with the battery for me. You can see the bottom of it in this photo sitting on top of the battery. That piece also needs to be pried up as well as it is glued down. But you don’t need to use any metal wire or anything like that, just take the spudger and get it under it and pry it up. it will start to come off and you can pull the rest up.

    breakfastcoffee - Ответить

    That piece of metal under the batteries is really stuck on. Prying alone doesn’t do it. I used a heat gun. The glue is around the perimeter so heat there not the whole thing. Use the spudger while heating. It slowly comes up. The trackpad is then held in by two brackets with six screws. Take out the three shiny one and the pad drops down into the computer.

    Miguel Quemados - Ответить

  9. Приподнимите разъем сенсорной панели. Приподнимите разъем сенсорной панели.
    • Приподнимите разъем сенсорной панели.

  10. Отвинтите светлоокрашенные винты. Снимите трекпад. Снимите трекпад.
    • Отвинтите светлоокрашенные винты.

    • Снимите трекпад.

  11. Регулировка уровня нажатия трекпада.
    • Регулировка уровня нажатия трекпада.

  12. Удачи, братья!
    • Удачи, братья!


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Thank you! I was able to swap out new trackpad w/ these instructions.

Bobby - Ответить

You are welcome!

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Hi, Could I just ask where did you get your 'Handles' for the wire string? I bought some titanium wire a while ago but literally cant grip it. I have searched ebay etc but nothing is comeing up - Maybe my search terms aren't correct.


Aaron - Ответить

Hello! You can use any strong jaws. We ordered holders in China.

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Hi, Thanks for that, sorry for the late reply. I have ordered a set from china so I'll see what they're like, in the meantime if anyone is interested I had some random parts laying around, I made a set out of a couple of plastic spudgers, some polymorph to enlarge the top which I sank a motherboard peg into which I can then screw some screws with the large heads into. Seems to do a pretty good job, i'll upload a pic if any1 is interested.

Aaron - Ответить

what did you mean by "use any strong jaws. we ordered holders in china." can you provide a link or picture or better explain?

ultultult - Ответить

An alternate to wire is dental floss, for the sticks use two bic pens. Wrap the dental floss and trap it with the cap. Have only enough length to cut under the foam adhesive strips. I was able to replace the battery in no time. You will need to do the same on the enter cells to recover the metal pad covering the trackpad connectors.

Manuel Collazo - Ответить

Thanks for the advice! A good idea!

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Did anyone need to heat the glue up on the battery? I am trying to use my wire string and it keeps getting stuck in the adhesive. Once it gets far enough into the adhesive, it will stick and if I try to go further the wire breaks.

Patrick - Ответить

Heat is not necessary! The adhesive does not respond to warm! Use solid wire/fishing line/dental floss.

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

My trackpad is cracked, is it possible to only swap the trackpad or do i have to switch the whole top case and or battery + trackpad

langloisg11 - Ответить

You can only replace the trackpad. It is necessary to remove the battery. See our instructions.

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

I was able to remove the battery with a syringe and isopropyl alcohol (based on this Youtube video https://youtu.be/pLhHSIej9fs). It still took some gentle prying and a syringe, but it's a nice alternative to the wire string.

Colin - Ответить

The idea is good! But the video shows the result, the process is not visible.

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

The glass on the trackpad on my MacBook Pro (11,5) Mid 2015 cracked. Where can I find the trackpad? So far my searching has only turned it up as part of a complete top case, which I don't need. Thanks.

D S - Ответить

I tried this for my trackpad, cleaned a bunch of gunk out and the mouse is still shaky. Even with a USB mouse plugged in it scatters. Is there anything else I can do or does anyone have ideas on the problem? Thanks

Zach Murray - Ответить

please describe the problem

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

The trackpad is very erratic and will go all over the screen and click on apps even though I am not touching it. It will even open/close the launchpad along with folders/apps if the mouse happens to move across the screen and click at that time. The same will happen if I use a USB mouse. It doesn't happen every time I start up but will eventually start getting worse a few minutes into use. I used the 91% alcohol method to soak the trackpad and clean around the casing inside to clear out the gunk. Thanks

Zach Murray -

Change the trackpad. Our guide will help.

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Yup, that did it. Looks like the alcohol method didn't repair my old trackpad it must have been too far gone to fix. All good to go even though 2 of the screws holding the trackpad in place were stripped. Took an extra hour trying to figure out how to get them out so I could swap out the trackpad. Thanks

Zach Murray -

Hi ! In step 6 cutting the duct tape.

Does this mean that when i put pack the battery i have to glue it back somehow?

And if so, what glue you recommend?

Thank you

Nick - Ответить

You do not need to glue the battery back together. I've opened mine twice now and the battery works as normal without it being glued down ridiculously tight like it was the first time.

Zach Murray -

This is poor advice, not firmly securing the battery runs the risk of them moving in case of a drop and the Mac catching fire like a Samsung Note 7.

As Jeff suovanen states on the rMBP Mid 2012 battery replacement page in the comments:

Because of the dangers they present, lithium-ion batteries need to be firmly secured. In the absence of any [http:///Anleitung/MacBook+Air+13-Inch+Mid+2013+Akku+Austausch/15205#s49235|screws or brackets to mount the battery], you need to use enough glue to make sure the battery’s not going to come loose across a broad range of user behaviors and environmental conditions over a long period of time, plus a margin for safety. Bottom line, if it’s designed to use glue, then that’s what we’re stuck with.

pmhparis -

очень понравилась идея с проволокой. ждать аналог с али времени не было, купил молибденовую струну, но она оказалась слишком хрупкой. пробовал очищенную проволоку из rj45 - она уже слишком толстая и тоже обрывалась. в итоге принял решение снять динами для лучшего доступа. а чтобы снять динамики - надо снять всё остальное. в итоге срезал клей пластиковой картой. спасибо.

dendan - Ответить

рад, что помогла инструкция! а использовали проволоку для резания стекол с дисплеев, продаётся в любом магазине с запчастями для телефонов, так же можно взять струну для гитары)

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

great guide, thank you! I've used double dental floss as wire string, it worked great and smooth!

Matteo Baldini - Ответить

Thanks for the tip! A good idea!

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Also done with dental floss, to replace the battery (see http://amzn.eu/1Byvn2i ).

chantepie - Ответить

Good! Good luck!

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

thank you for the guide, worked nice for change of battery. However, my keyboard malfunction and trackpad does not work after battery change

Tor Seim - Ответить

heck ribbon cable keyboard / trackpad

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

where i can get the metal plaque that protects trackpad from battery?

Cesar Perez - Ответить

I think we can without it

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

One “can” live without the plate between the trackpad & the batteries but do you really want to run the risk of the battery rubbing itself open? Without Apple’s plate I’d still look to find a thin plate that I’d adapt to protect the batteries.

pmhparis -

Replaced battery according to guideline.

Difficulties connecting the new battery, - needed two attempts to make new battery correctly connected.

Issue now is that battery only charges up to 67% before it stops charging.

Have someone experienced same thing?

tore - Ответить

Maybe not all of the new battery operable

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Thank you for the instructions! I spilled some lemonade over my trackpad and after a few days drying it was a little sticky. The trackpad was still functional and you could feel the click and force click but it sticks a little and you need to press harder. Is it possible to get the trackpad out and clean it with destilled water and let it dry for a while? After drying then put it back in again.

Robert balk - Ответить

You can clean it with alcohol 96%

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Do I have to Remove the metal plaque of the trackpad, if I only want to change the battery and not the trackpad?

Imad Ghandour - Ответить

It is easier to remove the battery with it

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

My trackpad started to react less sensitive to actual press-"click" (it works perfect for tapping though). Since I mostly use the real press-click (no force-touch on this model) it is very inconvenient because around 40% of press-clicks are not properly registered – enough to constantly confuse me whether the computer/internet is loading, was clicked or not.

My questions are now:

1) Are the "click"-sensors inside the trackpad? So if I change it, will I also replace the click-sensors?

2) Could I maybe somehow adjust that screw in step 11 "Adjustment of trackpad" to solve the issue without replacing? If yes how? Which direction does what?

3) Any other suggestions?

lqlwle - Ответить

2) is your way

Clean the trash on the edges of the trackpad

Aleksandr ApplePartsPRO -

Unscrew the light-colored screws

Remove trackpad.

What size screw driver. None of my Phillips are doing the job????

dgjesdal - Ответить

Unscrew the light-colored screws

Remove trackpad.

MBPro 15 Ret 2012-13

What Philips screw driver takes the 6 screws from the pad? None of my Philips are working and I do not want to strip them? I have seen some say #000 and others say 1.5mm and 1.6. So what the heck is right. Is the screw 1.6 not the name for the driver? Frustrating

dgjesdal - Ответить

Thanks. I’ve done it. I’ve uses guitar string for the adhesive and plastic card to help prying it up.

Tom Brek - Ответить

very good ! Thanks.

XBF IT - Ответить

спасибо за инструкцию! но пока не воспользовался, смущает момент что аккумулятор отклеиться, а как потом обратно поставить? :) его нужно будет приклеить?

Yevgeniy Bondarev - Ответить

With the metal plaque on the track pade, mine is screwed in and the drivers I have for the battery and casing are a different size…

Ive had a look everywhere, whqt size is this screw?


Kaan - Ответить

I wsa able to remove the battery pack using a 2’ long piece of unwaxed white nylon dental floss, while wearing gloves to grind the floss back and forth underneath the batteries. It can be done. This was pretty grueling!!!

Steve - Ответить

Wow! The pictures here are beautiful! This is a great guide you have made here.

Aaron Cooke - Ответить

+1 to whoever suggested rubbing alcohol to help the glue let go. Also, my mom sacrificed a kitchen implement which resembles these: https://shop.kingarthurbaking.com/items/... It was the perfect combo of thin enough to flex, but stiff enough to apply force to pry the battery cells away.

mbates - Ответить

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