Use this guide to remove, inspect, and replace the rear brake pads. This guide shows you how to remove the brake pads and install new OEM pads. Worn brake pads increase stopping distance and can cause unwanted noise.

  1. Firstly Disconnect  battery
    • Firstly Disconnect battery

      • Always take the negative terminal off first.

      • '''General Tip After disconnecting the battery leave the car for about 10 mins , This lets any residual energy left in the electrical system to dissapate. It is good practise whatever the job

  2. Turn car off and remove keys from ignition.
    • Turn car off and remove keys from ignition.

    • Place car in park (automatic) or neutral (manual).

    • Engage parking brake.

    • Use hydraulic jack on frame of car to raise car.

    • Place jack head underneath frame couple (pictured).

    • Only necessary to jack the car until the wheels are just off the ground.

    • Place jack stand on frame of car and remove jack.

    • Do not work under car supported only by hydraulic jack, serious injury or death may result.

    • Pry off the front hub caps by placing a small flathead screwdriver between hubcap and rim and pulling the screwdriver and hubcap away from tire.

    • Loosen each of the five lug nuts on the rear left and rear right tires by turning them counter-clockwise with a 19mm socket wrench.

    • Remove tires by pulling directly away from car exposing rear brake disks and calipers.

    • Locate the two 17mm caliper guide bolts.

    • Remove upper and lower guide bolts on rear left and rear right brake calipers with 17mm crescent wrench.

    • Remove rear brake calipers from rotors.

    • Locate the two rear brake pad retaining pins on each caliper.

    • Remove brake pad retaining pins by punching them out with a 3mm allen key.

    • Remove both rear brake pads by pulling them out of calipers.

    • Insert two new brake pads into each caliper.

    • Replace pin guide behind rear brake pads.

    • Verify that pins are inserted through caliper and brake pad holes and seated over the metal pin guides.

    • Tap pins through both rear brake pads and caliper using a wrench.

    • Replace rear calipers on rotors.

    • Finish by performing steps 1-5 in reverse order.

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