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If your Honda Accord is experiencing overheating, temperature fluctuations and or poor engine performance then it may be time to change out the thermostat.

Follow this video guide by YouTuber NutzAboutBolts to do the repair yourself.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If the thermostat is stuck shot would it make my 94 Honda Accord LX leak antifreeze from the driver side of the motor behind the tire

Robert Conklin - Ответить

That's crazy. That's what this 97 Honda accord does which belongs to a friend. I was thinking of buying it and he said it needs a thermostat. My brother said its leaking underneath . I thought maybe the water pump. Must be from the reserve tank overflow or where was your fluid coming from. I don't mind fixing a few things if I buy it. It needs motor mount already. So yours leaked too and it was thermostat? That's cheaper than a water pump. This car will get hot if it sits and idles for a little while. Driving it goes up n down. Well thanks…

Mike Johnson -

If my thermostat is stuck shut on my 94 Honda Accord LX would it make antifreeze leak on the right side of the motor driver side behind next to the tire is there some kind of relief valve over in that area when it goes to overheat if the thermostat is stuck is my question

Robert Conklin - Ответить

When the thermostat is stuck shut, if the engine overheats, it will boil the coolant.  The added pressure in the engine will force coolant into the reserve container (driver’s side, forward of battery).  Eventually, some will overflow from the container.

Robert H - Ответить

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