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The serpentine drive belt should be replaced every 65,000-105,000 miles.

Follow this video tutorial by YouTuber NutzAboutBolts to replace the belt yourself.





To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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CONTAINS NO INSTRUCTIONS! Directs you to YouTube to watch his videos. Should be removed.

Mike McAvoy - Ответить

This is a video embedded guide and can be watched here on iFixit or on YouTube.

Blake Klein -

Just did this replacement last night. Bought the belt from O'Reilly and rented the serpentine belt toolset. It didn't come with a 14 mm socket, but I was able to borrow one they had. Fairly easy to remove the belt, but putting it on, especially in the dark, was nontrivial. I recommend doing in the daylight.

Be sure that the tensioner springs pushes back while you're starting; it may need to be replaced too.

I had to really reach my arm all the way down to get the new belt on, and then be creative to get it around all the right pieces. Perhaps a longer socket would have helped for being able to push the tensioner back and still have space to work with the belt.

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