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  1. Turn the laptop over.
    • Turn the laptop over.

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  2. "Unlock" your battery by moving the switch as shown so that an unlocked lock on a red background is shown.
    • "Unlock" your battery by moving the switch as shown so that an unlocked lock on a red background is shown.

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    • Next move the other switch, while the unlocked symbol is still showing. The battery should pop up, and no longer be flush with the bottom of the laptop.

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    • Now remove the battery by lifting it out of the laptop by the side closest to the switches.

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    • You have successfully removed the battery. Congratulations!

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    • Now, locate the two screws that hold the back cover panel onto the laptop.

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    • Unscrew both of the screws that are holding the back panel in place with the Philips #00 head.

    • The screws are 3/8" in length and have a 1/4" head.

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    • Once both screws have been removed use a plastic opening tool to lift the panel up. Starting with the indented notch , and moving left and right from there.

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    • After the panel has been loosened by the plastic opening tool, take your finger, place it in the gap, and remove the panel from the laptop.

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    • Fling your laptop over and open it as shown in the image.

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    • Locate the tabs keeping the keyboard in place.

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    • Using thin tweezers push the tabs in the keyboard in and pull up on the edge of the keyboard.

    • The keyboard will bend and it will seem like its breaking, but don't worry this is OK!

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    • Once the keyboard begins popping out of place use your hand to keep the part that has been detached from the laptop in the air.

    • Continue pushing in tabs and lifting up the keyboard as described above.

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    • Once the keyboard has been separated from the body of the laptop carefully lift the keyboard up and tilt it forward, leaving it to rest on the laptop as shown.

    • Do not pull the keyboard up with too much force because you may cause damage to your laptop!

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    • Using tweezers pull the white tab down on both sides. This will release the blue and black connector.

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    • Pull the blue and black connector out of its socket.

    • Make sure it comes off easily or you may rip it.

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    • Now you can pull the keyboard away from the laptop.

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    • After you have removed all of the prerequisites its time to unscrew a few more screws. Flip your laptop over and first remove all the screw highlighted in red with the Phillips #00 screwdriver. These are 1/4" head diameter by 3/8" screw length screws.

    • Now remove the screws highlighted in orange with the Phillips #00 screwdriver. These are 5/32" head diameter by 5/32" screw length screws. Keep these separate from the other screws.

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    • Flip the Laptop back over, and unscrew the 1/4" diameter head 7/32" length screws indicated in the picture.

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    • The indicated spots show where different components are attached to the motherboard (such as the power button and the track pad). You will have to remove these connections the same way you undid the keyboard using the tweezers.

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    • Here is a close-up of all of the connectors. Remember to use tweezers on the black part and carefully pull out both sides. Once it has been moved back slightly, pull the connector out just like the keyboard.

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    • Carefully lift up the corner of the top panel of the laptop. Once it starts coming off continue to lift it while holding the open side with the other hand.

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    • Turn the panel you just took off over and locate the speaker.

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    • Locate and remove the two screws to loosen the speaker from the panel.

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    • The speaker can now be removed from the panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I loved it.. I'm goanna try it today to fix my Speakers and keyboards..

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It is so nice to represent know-how here with steps. Thanks.

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I loved it, very easy

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Can the AV ports for the headphones also be fixed?

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This is the left speaker. Where is the right speaker

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