Acer Iconia B1-710 B1-711 - How to disassemble, take apart the device and replace the broken screen.

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  1. Switch-off the tablet.
    • Switch-off the tablet.

    • Remove any SIM and/or Memory Card.

    • Start opening near to the Volume Up/Down buttons. It's more well to use a plastic opening tool to avoid damaging the cover.

    • When lifting the cover, be careful not to tear the Loudspeaker cable at the bottom right side.

    • Disconnect the Loudspeaker cable from the Logic board.

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  2. Before doing anything, disconnect the battery.

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    • Remove the Audio jack flex cable.

    • Remove the metal plate which is placed on the camera connector.

    • Disconnect the camera flex cable.

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    • Remove the green rubber and disconnect the touch screen flex cable.

    • Disconnect the 4 coaxial antenna cables (Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G).

    • Carefully unstuck the metal folio from the LCD display flex cable.

    • Remove the 3x Phillips screws.

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    • Lift the board from the side of the battery connector and turn it around the display connector on 360 degrees.

    • Be careful for the flex cable!

    • Disconnect the LCD display flex cable.

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    • Careful unstuck the metal folio from the screen shield.

    • Remove the 4x Phillips screws.

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    • lift the screen shield from one side and open it like a door, then remove it.

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    • The LCD display is held from the metal screen frame by several locking clips.

    • Very careful using a tool with sharp edge, release the screen from the one side.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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