The video is for fully disassemble the tablet, but you can follow the steps until the separating the LCD display.

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Video Overview

  1. Switch-off the tablet.
    • Switch-off the tablet.

    • If you can't switch it off, use the reset button to do this.

    • With a cutter and a plastic tool remove the back cover.

    • If you have a memory card inside, don't forget to remove it!

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  2. First, disconnect the battery.
    • First, disconnect the battery.

    • Now, disconnect the loudspeaker and remove the back cover.

    • Remove all scotch tapes and disconnect the touch screen flex cable...

    • LCD display flex cable,

    • the microphone,

    • and the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas flex cables.

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    • Unscrew 5x screws and rmove the main board.

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    • The battery is glued to the LCD display metal shield with a double sided adhesive tape.

    • Use plastic tools and carefully remove it.

    • Remove all tapes from the LCD display metal shield.

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    • The LCD display is held by metal frame and some locking clips on it.

    • Use a cutter and a plastic tool to separate the LCD.

    • You have to work slowly so as not to break the display.

    • Now, install the new LCD display and reassemble the tablet.

    • .

    • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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