The battery gives the device enough power to save the settings when the device is unplugged. The battery is a circular object that is located underneath the logic board.


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  1. Using a metal spudger, gently pry the cover off the bottom of the device.
    • Using a metal spudger, gently pry the cover off the bottom of the device.

    The black cover is about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick and is held in with pressure points. Might be good to use two spudgers or thin, flat screwdriver tips.

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    When putting the cover back on after completing the fan replacement, be sure you put the side with the cutout on the same side of the Airport that has the LAN and power connectors. The black cover can only go back on in one correct position. Look at the inside bottom of the black cover and you’ll see one side is configured differently. Place that different side to align with the LAN and power holes of the Airport unit, then push it down gently into place.

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  2. Four black internal wires, three thin and one thick, are connected to the logic board: three by small end clips and one by a larger end clip. Handle the clips gently; they break easily.
    • Four black internal wires, three thin and one thick, are connected to the logic board: three by small end clips and one by a larger end clip. Handle the clips gently; they break easily.

    • To detach the small clips from the connectors, place the flat end of the plastic spudger underneath the clip and gently lever it away from the center of the device.

    • To detach the large clip from its connector, place the flat end of the spudger on the clip and lever it upward out of the connector.

    In later versions of A1521 you will find Step 2 unnecessary because the wires are already underneath the top plate and the connectors do not need to be unplugged. Also, don’t forget about the tiny reset button and LED status light that should be loosened before removing the unit from its case.

    Lawrence Krupp - Ответить

    I accidentally broke the clip on the 3 wire connection. Is there a supplier / part number in order to get a replacement? (Not the receiving clip on the circuit board, but the clip that the 3 wires press into.)

    Mark Thornburgh - Ответить

    Hello Mark, I broke mine too - the connector. The three wire connection cable goes to the green/yellow status led. If you can’t live without it like I could not :) than you can use some superglue (gel!) and try to reassemble the connector back with much patience and steady hand. Wait at least 2 hours to dry out completely!! I used Loctite super attach gel. It worked for me. Two wires were lose and one was still on the connector. Next time I open my unit I will not touch this connector but instead rather remove the LED from housing and let it stay connected to the board.

    Janez Ford -

    I inadvertently broke the 3 wire clip (wire end - not circuit board end) - is there a supplier / part number for a replacement clip?

    Mark Thornburgh - Ответить

    The large clip is lifted out of it’s holder by lifting the clip up toward the top of the device, like upward toward the sky. Don’t lift it from the very bottom because it’s in a little holding case. The small clips are different. They lift outward away from the circuit board. Just put a flat screwdriver blade behind the wire just above the clip and lift it off - not upward - but in the opposite direction of the circuit board.

    John Vitali - Ответить

    %#*@, I also broke the 3 wire clip - I read the instructions and all the comments, and thought I was good at this…really tricky. If you want to keep your status lights on beware!!!

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    • Using two fingers, pinch the power supply wire and gently lift it upward. Move it away from the metal plate.

    • Next, unscrew the four 3.3mm T8 Torx screws and remove the metal plate.

    • The metal plate fits snugly into the gap. To reassemble the device, push the rounded edge of the plate into the gap first. This will wedge the gap open so that you can fit the rest of the plate into its proper place.

    When putting the metal plate back on, be sure all wiring does not get pinched. The wires sit in little cutouts so they don’t get pinched.

    John Vitali - Ответить

    You need to remove the hard drive by pulling it up, before you can remove the chassis.

    Peter Carrie - Ответить

    • Remove the T8 Torx screwdriver head and replace it with the 60 mm extension; then, add the T9 Torx head.

    • Loosen, but do not remove the two screws at the bottom of the 1.2-inch wide gap in the middle of the internal structure.

    • These screws are spring-loaded and will stay in the device, even when loosened; however, it is still possible for them to be fully removed. Be careful to only partially loosen them.

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    • Using only your fingers, gently compress the internal structure and pull evenly upward to remove it from the white case.

    • When you put the internal structure back into the case, gently compress it, and lower it most of the way into the case. Stop lowering it when the top port has just entered the case. Now push the two sides of the internal structure outward against the sides of the case.

    • Finish lowering the internal structure the rest of the way into the case. The ports should be lined up with the openings in the case and should be flush against the sides of the case.

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    • Eight 10.25 mm T8 Torx screws secure the heat sink to the logic board. Unscrew all eight screws.

    • Remove the heat sinks from the logic board.

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    • Wedge the corner of the plastic spudger under one of the silver antenna clips. Gently lever the tip of the spudger away from the logic board to detach the antenna clip.

    • Repeat this for all six clips.

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    • To release the logic board, unscrew four 5.5 mm T8 Torx screws from the internal structure.

    • Remove the logic board from the internal structure.

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    • Rotate the logic board so that the white ports face downward.

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    • Wedge the flat end of the plastic spudger between the battery and its casing.

    • To pop the battery out, firmly lever the spudger upwards.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Could be a bad battery(CR2330) power problem of Airport Extreme A1521 router?

Vadim - Ответить

I’ve opened quite a lot of broken A1521 and always checked the battery. None of them worked with a new battery or due to the “reset”


Ingo - Ответить

Hi, my AE doesn’t flash the ethernet leds when I connect it to the power supply and it isn’t visible neither over wifi nor ethernet but the principal led changes from green to amber and finally flashes amber repeatedly. ¿some hint to fix it?. Thanks in advance.

barry_gota2 -

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