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The following guide will cover the basics of hammering and the proper way of drawing your metal. The video is Blacksmithing for Beginners: Basic Forging 1. All credit goes to the Youtube Channel DF - In The Shop.

Tools needed

For forging your metal you will need the following tools...

  • A Forge (Tutorial for that can be found here).
  • A Cross Peen Hammer
  • A 75 - 500 pound anvil

Safety Note

Blacksmithing requires the heating of metal at high temperatures to make it more malleable. This means that there are safety practices that should be observed whenever you partake in the activity. Follow these safety guidelines to ensure the best practices are met when Blacksmithing...

  • Always Wear Safety Glasses
  • Always be Focused
  • Use Face Shield When Grinding or Sharpening Your Work
  • Always Have a First-Aid Kit in Your Workshop
  • Always a Bucket of Water and Fire Extinguisher Near the Forge
  • Wear Ear Protection
  • Make sure that the head of the hammer is appropriately attached
  • Metal Can Be Hot Even if Is Not Red
  • Know when you should and should not wear gloves
  • Always Wear Cotton Clothing
  • Learn Proper Hammering Technique
  • Do not Ever Forge Galvanized Steel
  • Always Have a proper Ventilation
  • Keep Your Workshop Clean
  • Ask for Advice If Not Sure

More in-depth information about these safety notes can be found on the main blacksmithing page.



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Blacksmithing for Beginners: Basic Forging 1: By DF - In The Shop

Blacksmithing for Beginners: Basic Forging 1: By DF - In The Shop

Источник видео

Hammering and drawing are the two skills that you would need for any Blacksmithing work, regardless of the project you are working on.

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