Use this guide to replace the motherboard on your RIM BlackBerry 7290.


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  1. Apply pressure to the lock button on the back of the device.
    • Apply pressure to the lock button on the back of the device.

    • Slide the battery cover down towards the bottom of the device, revealing the battery compartment.

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  2. Locate groove along the right side of the battery compartment.
    • Locate groove along the right side of the battery compartment.

    • Remove battery by prying between the battery and the groove.

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    • Slide the SIM card holder to the left to unlock the SIM card.

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    • Lift the SIM card holder up.

    • Gently remove the SIM card from the SIM card holder by sliding the card along the railing.

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    • Locate the four screws along the perimeter of the back casing.

    • Remove the four top screws using a T-6 torx screwdriver.

    • The top four screws are .413 inches.

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    • Locate two screws within the lower edge of the inner compartment.

    • Remove the two bottom screws using a T-6 torx screwdriver.

    • The bottom two screws are .2 inches in length.

    • The second picture displays the device after the six screws have been removed.

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    • Use the plastic opening tool to apply pressure on the two clips that are located at the bottom of the phone.

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    • Remove the back casing from the phone by lifting the unhooked portion, then slide the casing towards the top of the device.

    • Make sure all clips holding the case together are unhooked, so no damage is caused to the case.

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    • Locate on the backside of the phone, a screw towards the top of the device.

    • Using a T-6 screwdriver, remove the screw.

    • After the screw has been removed, carefully lift the side button brace to reveal the side button.

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    • To remove the phone's internals, start by loosening one side by pulling gently.

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    • With one side loosened, simply lift the phone internals to separate from the front casing.

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    • Turn the internals over to reveal the LCD display.

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    • Peel off the rubber keypad buttons from the face plate.

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    • Locate a hook on the right side of the internals below the volume wheel.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry the hook, separating the LCD display from the logic board mounting plate.

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    • With the clip unhooked, gently separate the display from the phone internals by pulling.

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    • On the front side of the internals, locate the the three screws that are highlighted in red.

    • Carefully remove screws from the internals, using a T6 torx screwdriver

    • The screw is .2 inches in length.

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    • Separate the logic board mounting plate from the logic board by lifting with minimal force.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hi wonder if you can help or give me advice on my device. its not turning on looks like it turns on with the hour glass turning but nothing happens

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my device doesn't want to switch on its just the hour glass on the screen that turns on the screen but its not turning on?

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