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The battery is located on the bottom of the speaker underneath a rubber protective cover. Use this guide to replace a faulty battery in your SoundLink Mini. Check what model battery your your SoundLink Mini has before purchasing a replacement.

  1. Peel back the rubber battery cover and remove the four circled 6.0 mm screws using a T8 Torx Screwdriver.
    • Peel back the rubber battery cover and remove the four circled 6.0 mm screws using a T8 Torx Screwdriver.

    Help I removed the part which I'm not supposed to next to the battery charger how do I put it back?

    Sooraj murali - Ответить

    Where can I actually get a replacement battery????

    appreciate any help bc I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Kamil M. - Ответить

    Where can I get an actual replacement battery???

    appreciate any help bc I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Kamil M. - Ответить

    Hi Brent and thank you for this easy fix.

    Still I have a problem I did not have while the original battery was in place: the sound is now buzzing even at a middle-of-the-range volume.

    I used the original screws and everything seems in place and the screws are tightened “right” I would say. I am usually fine fixing things. And I do not see what I could have done wrong…

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you.

    MBP - Ответить

    Which battery is the correct one. Two model are shown to be purchase

    Ruben Roman - Ответить

    What is not discussed is the wires that connect the battery to the speaker. In mine, I think I destroyed the speaker, because I pulled out the battery and dislodged the wires from the electronic board. I think they must have been soldered on, and now am having trouble attaching the new wires to the board.

    horseylawgal - Ответить

    I have lost the 4 battery screws. What size are they? I think they are metric but what is the length? They were Philips head flat as I remember.

    Wolfgang Mitchell - Ответить

  2. While holding the cover back, pull straight up on the battery to remove it. While holding the cover back, pull straight up on the battery to remove it.
    • While holding the cover back, pull straight up on the battery to remove it.

    Where can I buy this battery

    Karsten lou nielsen - Ответить

    Well that part was simple. What I need is how to disconnect the ribbon cable which is soldered in on both ends. No help here.

    Art Kennedy - Ответить

    soweit sogut..aber die Kabel sind verlötet ?

    das ist ja das problem

    also sehr schlechte Anleitung da ja das wichtigste fehlt !!

    Armin Karl - Ответить

    Bonjour pas aussi simple car les câbles de la batterie d origine sont soudés…

    Lionel Ludosky - Ответить

    On remark though: the original Bose battery has a thin foam gasket at the base. This foam gasket makes sure the room behind the speakers is airtight, which is essential for a clean sound. Most aftermarket batteries do not have this gasket, leading to a thumping noise when you turn up the music. This is easy to fix: with a sharp cutter, gently peel the gasket from the original battery and reinstall is on the new battery. That solved the problem for me. Alternatively, you can cut a think sheet of PE foam to fit the base of battery.

    philippe.bleiman - Ответить

    Cable is not soldered on BOSE SoundLink Mini!

    The situation is different on BOSE SoundLink Mini II. The procedure to replace battery is more demanding as the cable is soldered.

    france.gartner - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can one purchase this battery, shipped to a US address?

Bob Smith - Ответить

Were can we I get the battry to order ... need it badly pls m.

kaiserteach -

I need the battry for soundlink mini ... pls were can I get it

kaiserteach -

Where can we get the battery ordered?

Marian D - Ответить

Anyone know where to get the battery?

aboveebegun - Ответить

Before you purchase a battery call Bose and speak to a technician . I thought I needed a battery but the tech instructed me what to do and now my battery is charging again.


Godfrey Duncan - Ответить

How to contact bose technician?

Leonardo Sedillo -

I think i need a battery for my bose soundlink mini coz it doesnt charge anymore.

Leonardo Sedillo -

What did he tell you to do?

australianperson - Ответить

Yeah, what did he tell you to do? My battery is always telling me it's 30% charged or 40% charged even after it's been plugged in and not used for over 12 hours.

Catherine Ratliff - Ответить

Go to the Bose updater webpage. install the software and plug in the speaker to your computer. it will update your speaker and hopefully fix some battery bugs. Worked for me for a little bit but now I'm back to flashing red light and looking for a replacement battery.

Justin - Ответить

soundlink will not hold a charge. if speaker sits around 4 a while u have 2 recharge it again. dont think it should do that. bose was no help! hfellos61@live.com if some 1 has a solution?

Howard Fellows - Ответить

You can actually open that battery pack up when you are careful. The glue is not very strong. There are 2 x 18650 batteries in there. I'll replace mine once I get the new ones and see if it worked. I ordered 2 Samsung from Amazon for $15. check out the picture.


Wolfgang - Ответить

Wolfgang, did replacing the batteries work?

Nick Hinckley -

Hi Wolfgang, did you get your soundlink mini to work after you replaced the batterys, also there are 3 wires red,black and green, where did the green wire go and do you need it thanks?

Peter wreford-bush -

Wolfgang are you there ?

krzysztof marfjak -

how does it worked with the replacement; was it difficult? on another page i read something about needing solder tails for the batteries and that there is a lot of glue and residues on board.

is it right that bose replace batteries after calling service? does anyone know how much this cost?

howard wolowitz - Ответить

I tried many things, but was unable to charge my battery. Then, while attempting to download the new software, I followed the instruction to have the unit attached to the base charger AND then attache the unit to the computer using a USB and a second connector to the side charging slot. Now the battery is charging!

chemistrb - Ответить

If u have problem on charging the battery, reset the system by pressing the center button fir 10secs and then release it. Then continue to re-charge it using the cable and charger provided with the system. Tony Lopez

tlopez67us - Ответить

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I was having trouble with my Soundlink Mini (version 1) running for anywhere between 5 and 45 minutes before suddenly turning off and not being able to turn back on for an indeterminate amount of time. No amount of product resetting or letting the battery die and recharge worked, but after I followed this guide and simply took the battery out and put it back in, my speaker is working perfectly now.

I guess this is the equivalent of unplugging it and plugging it back in.

dtaki - Ответить

I did the same thing to mine; works fine now.

ultrarunner -

I got a replacement battery for Bose SOUNDLINK Mini fromebay, it works great! here is the link:


And it also has battery for SOUNDLINK I II III...

Lin - Ответить

Opening the battery case is easy with the help of a knife fitting between the bottom and the housing of the batteries.

In my case a lot of glue and rubber like material is attached to the battery cell and also to the charge controller board.

Be careful not to use metal tools to remove the white rubberlike material from the board to prevent a short cut, which happend to me.

I yet have to find a way to remove the cells out of the case. Anyone being successful on this alteady ?

Bose used two Samsung cells type ICR18650-26H M

Here is my replacement cell I will eventually order if I find a way to remove the cells from the case.


they offer two capacities: a smaller with 2600mh for ~ € 20,- and a bigger one with 3400 mh for ~ € 30,-

So this would be still half the price eBay sellers are asking for a replacement battery and way cheaper than Bose.

They will charge you € 80,- but you get 1 year warranty :-)

Oliver Weiss - Ответить

I’ve tried everything to get my soundlink mini working. It flashes red battery, I plug into the wall and hold the mute button for 10 seconds until all the buttons pulse white, then hit power button. The bluetooth or Aux button will pulse white for about 20 seconds, then the speaker dies. I can’t upgrade software as it won’t power long enough. Any advice?

Charlotte Hayes - Ответить

You can get this bose soundlink mini battery replacement at Amazon

Nathaniel Estrada - Ответить

The Sound Link Mini has a user replaceable battery.

You can order it from Bose, or if you read the Model No. on the bottom of the battery and you can internet search it for purchase. Amazon, Ebay, and other places carry them for purchase.

If you have a Sound Link Mini II that requires disassembly of the whole unit as the battery is not user replaceable. They are also unavailable for purchase. you have to send it in to Bose to test and replace the battery. That Battery has a ribbon cable soldered on it with a board.

I posted a comment on the battery removal guide for Sound Link Mini II on how to purchase a replacement, so look for it under the appropriate guide title.

I have heard people say the earlier Sound Link Mini II’s might have the earlier user removable battery, but I have failed to see one yet.

Bronx - Ответить

Helo everyone, I have a bose sound link mini one, but I don't have the old battery with me, so how can I find out the suitable battery for my unit? Somebody please help me on this :(

Mohamed fikree - Ответить

Hi. I had the ‘flashing red power button’ issue and the mini would not take a charge. I contacted Bose, reverted to a previous software version and all is good. The system is charging again.

Geoff Thomas - Ответить

I used my speaker almost everyday and then randomly one day it just wouldn’t turn on. I tried to charge it but all it would do is show a orange light as soon as I plugged it in but then went away and wouldn’t charge or make any noises or lights. Do I need a new battery?

Jonah Church - Ответить

I purchase a replacement bose mini battery on Amazon from Emaks.It do a well and save my bose.

Emily - Ответить

The Sound Link Mini II seems to come in two flavors, one with a battery #061384 with accessible/detachable leads, and another version with a battery labeled 088796. The latter one is extremely hard to replace. In that version, the leads at both the battery end and the small PC board are soldered in with a 4-wire flat cable, so even if you could get a suitable replacement, you’d end up disassembling the entire unit.

I noticed that pictures of the right replacement battery (although they are usually sold out) show the black battery assembly together with the small board, so I’m assuming there’s no other way of replacing it.

Since the USB charger delivers just 5V, the board looks like it holds a DC-DC converter to step it up to 9V or so (although I don’t recognize the part). The battery wants at least 7.4V to charge, and I suspect that that converter is the problem. The battery on my unit went from no problem at all to “dead” in a week, so it looks like more of a charging issue than an actual battery issue.

Martin Purschke - Ответить

Mine is hard soldered in. Flashing red/no charge issue like everyone else. I wonder, would the unit work if the battery was replaced entirely?

Geoffrey McCaleb -

Hi Brant and thank you for this easy fix.

Still I have a problem I did not have while the original battery was in place: the sound is now buzzing even at a middle-of-the-range volume.

I used the original screws and everything seems in place and the screws are tightened “right” I would say. I am usually fine fixing things. I tried various stages of tightening the screws but this does not solve the problem.And I do not see what I could have done wrong…

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

MBP - Ответить

Hi . Earlier in this thread, a gentleman pointed out the fact that there is a thin soft gasket around the battery unit that is a cushion and a seal for sound. The replacement batteries do not have this gasket and so it makes the noise you describe. If you still have the old battery , swap it over ( gasket) to the new battery. If you no longer have the old battery you can improvise with a very thin , foam rubber material cut to size and shape. The thickness is about equal to the thickness of a credit card.

Glenn Peters -

My Bose Soundlink MIni I was also having the problem that it just would not hold a charge beyond 15 min and would then shut down. I called Bose about the software/firmware update that people talked about on this site which needed to be done to the speaker. Bose checked my serial number and stated that there is no firmware or software update for the Soundlink Mini 1, only the Mini 2. I had a Torx 8 bit and removed the rubber plate on the bottom of the speaker to check the model # of the battery and ordered a new battery from Amazon for $47.50. I then put the old battery back into the speaker with the Torx screws and turned the speaker on. Immediately got a Green light for full charge of the battery (it had been playing on plug into outlet all morning). I’ve now been playing the speaker with bluetooth to my phone listening to an iHeart radio station for 4 hrs and checking the speaker power, it’s still showing Green. Now I’m wondering if the battery was ok, just needed a reset.

ultrarunner - Ответить


Does anyone know if the bose soundlink does not have a battery it will turn on or the power led just flashing red?

Thanks in advance

Fritz - Ответить

Yep- just received my battery from iFixit and installed. Nothing except after a few minutes- rapid flashing red light. Sending mine back. If anyone has a solution- please post. Also, be aware this is the Soundlink Mini 1 version- NOT the Soundlink Mini 2. The Mini 2 has a firmware update available on BOSE website. The Mini 1 original model does not have any firmware updates available (according to BOSE), though peculiarly, the Mini 1 still has a Micro USB jack to plug into a computer. This is obviously only for BOSE technicians then, unless someone knows anything else…?

a rapid flashing red light means the battery is under-voltage from the factory and this cannot be fixed- only replaced with a brand new one. I am sending my battery back and requesting a TESTED replacement. Only issue is they give you a 7 day return policy agreement. This doesnt make sense because I ordered the battery in March, received it a month ago and found it defective on first install 1 hour ago. I’m pushing the return issue regardless.

Giovanni Garretto -

Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as this anymore. On the Soundlink Mini II the battery has a captive cable which is soldered to the board.

Fraser Smith - Ответить

do not order as the battery is hard wired and this is not an esay replacement

not impressed with bose at all as they do not tell u that

BOB GROSS - Ответить

Ok o have a soundlink mini been off more then 30 day ok not when. Plug in only the mute , Bluetooth,and aux come on and will not charge battery can any body help me

ronnieescobedo0040 - Ответить

I recently purchased a bose sound link 1 battery. I am still getting a blinking red light.

Please help.

Kevin Leo - Ответить

The battery in my old SoundLink Mini is goosed. The battery is Model No. 061385. The iFixit replacements batteries don’t include this model battery !!!! Any ideas ???

Damian - Ответить

The battery is soldered in to a pcb so this didn’t help at all!

ihatedellcomputers - Ответить

You can buy the battery on Amazon. You need a special screwdriver to take the screws off which they also sell..

colleen - Ответить

purchased new battery and replaced it. Still not charging, any tips

shernie - Ответить

The battery you sent doesn’t work . After reading your notes I’ve discovered that the model number I have #061384 is not compatible with the one you sent ,which is CS-BSE404SL . My order # is 2398925 . I’m hoping you will have one that works

Charles Truitt - Ответить

I'm from South Sudan Juba. Can anyone help me on how I can get the battery for soundlink mini 2 in Juba or Kampala or even Nairobi in Kenya

Ajonga Zevalentin - Ответить

This does not address the electrical connection. This guide is useless unless it discusses how to disconnect and reconnect the leads from the battery to the speaker. Useless!!!

Ken Roberts - Ответить

I had several problems on my ancient, much loved and much used Bose Mini Link 1. To tell you how old it is- I paid about $300 for it as I recall! versus 175 nowadays... Anyhoo- apparently it hasn’t been holding its charge to well and worse- it stopped Bluetooth connection, rendering annoying beyond usability.

Luckily I thought to do a couple things after coming here. First off, I bypassed the charging bed and started charging via cable. Also tried the simple re-set by pressing the mute button down and holding for about ten seconds.

This didn’t SEEM to work and so I began the whole update process via Bose website- got me nowhere. Im thinking its too old tho there seems to possibly be a weird secret code within the BOSE website that could access an OLD firmware. OMG, I don’t have time for that!

Anyhoo- in also searching high and low for a SPECIAL (ugh!) BOSE cable (I mean- really? Who keeps stuff like that?) I finally found my speaker was charged to green AND the Bluetooth was now working. Yay. Thanks All.

Rice-a-roni - Ответить

Question: Measuring the battery voltage to determine whether it is charged is relatively simple, but do you know what the digital voltages on remaining pins on the battery connector are supposed to read?

Tdzimn - Ответить

my Bose Soundlink Mini 2 wasn’t charging up. Followed the link to the Bose Updater and now it charges to the green. Yay!

andy - Ответить

I replaced battery but can NOT get unit to work. Battery fully charged as tested by multimeter. Following lights are on and solid: Power Button is yellow. Mute button and AUX buttons are white, BTooth button is Blue. If I reset unit (while NOT connected to charger) by holding mute button for 10 secs, the Mute and Aux buttons flash white for a second then return to the same state (Power Button is yellow. Mute button and AUX buttons are white, BTooth button is Blue). If I reset unit (while CONNECTED to charger) by holding mute button for 10 secs the Mute and Aux buttons flash white for a second then the POWER BUTTON flashes RED quickly. Is there any other secret way to get this unit working with the apparently good replacement battery??? What else could be wrong with this unit and how can I troubleshoot it? Any help would be apprectiated.

Tim Eckel - Ответить

I have just replaced mine and I have problems. It does not show the charging light and after working for some minutes the battery light starts to flash red very quickly

David Arbildo -

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