This repair guide shows how to install a new toner cartridge.


No tools required.


Press the front cover release button.
  • Press the front cover release button.

  • Keep the button pressed and pull the cover toward yourself.

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With the front cover in the downward position, the drum & toner unit will be visible.
  • With the front cover in the downward position, the drum & toner unit will be visible.

  • Grab the black-and-yellow handle on the unit. Lift unit up and pull it out of the printer.

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  • The drum unit is the gray bottom half of the component in the picture, while the top black part is the toner cartridge.

  • Separate the toner cartridge from the drum unit by pressing down on the blue tab and gently lifting the toner cartridge up by the lift on the handle.

  • DO NOT TOUCH the roller bar on the toner cartridge, or the roller bar on the drum unit as illustrated in the pictures. This may cause a decrease in print quality.

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  • Insert the toner cartridge into the new drum break by firmly sliding the cartridge into the drum unit. If installed correctly, the blue lever will be locked in a lifted position.

  • Be sure that the black nob located on the back of the toner cartridge is places inside the track located on the drum unit.

  • The third picture illustrates an incorrectly installed drum unit and toner cartridge, notice how the blue lever is down.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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thanku for this useful information on how to replace toner cartridges for Brother HL-5240...its clear with the images used....most helpful indeed!!!

can also log on to http://www.tonertree.com for some exciting products!!!!

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Thank you for this article! I helped me a lot! I have bought this model of toner http://hardware.nl/printkop/brother/ph11... but when I tried to replace it I failed. Now I did it and my printer work like a new one. Thank you one more time!

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