This repair guide will explain, step-by-step the process necessary to replace the LCD Screen.

  1. Open the battery compartment and remove the batteries.
    • Open the battery compartment and remove the batteries.

    • Remove the two screws that are deep in the battery compartment.

  2. Open the CF compartment and remove the top screw
    • Open the CF compartment and remove the top screw

    • The panel, that holds the shutter button and zoom, will come off.

      • Be careful! There are two small wires connecting the speaker to the body of the camera. These are very delicate so proceed with caution. Do not remove.

    • Unscrew the three small screws on the bottom.

    • remove the wrist strap

    • Remove the screw in the CF compartment.

    • Open the rubber Digital AV Out compartment flap.

      • Pry the battery with the IFIXIT opening tool.

      • Carefully pull out the battery with two fingers.

        • Unscrew the two screws that are now visible.

    • Starting from the bottom, carefully pull the casing off.

    • The casing will now pivot at the top.

      • There are three catches that hold the back casing to the body.

      • You may have to pull with some force. The rear panel will make a snapping noise when it separates from the body.

    • The interior of the camera should look like this.

    • Remove the two screws at the top of the battery compartment.

    • With your right thumb, pull back on the tab while using your left hand to pull the face of the camera away from the body.

    • After removing the front and rear panels, locate the viewfinder directly above the lens on top of the camera.

    • Three screws hold the viewfinder in place. Two on the top and one on the lens side of the camera.

    • First, remove the screw in the bent corner of the viewfinder.

    • Next, remove the 2nd screw directly across from the bent corner. It may be hidden in the space under the orange circuitry.

    • Lastly, remove the final screw directly under the left side of the viewfinder (on the lens side).

    • After removing the three screws, the only thing still holding the viewfinder in place is a small plastic peg.

    • Remove the viewfinder with a firm pull directly upwards.

    • Remove the two clearly visible screws from the control dial

    • The dial should come off easily

    • You should be able to see the two small wires connecting the speaker to a small green plug

      • With tweezers, carefully unplug the wires from the plug. The wire should slide straight out

    • Carefully replace the broken speaker/shutter panel with a new one

    • The removed panel should look like this

    • Remove the one visible screw that is attaching the flex assembly to the back of the camera.

    • Starting with the bottom-left corner (below the screen), lift the flex assembly away from the camera chassis.

    • Locate the small metal tab that attaches the flex assembly to the upper-right corner of the camera, and release it with a fingernail.

      • The tab is very small and may be hard to see.

    • Disconnect the black connector by lifting it up, as shown in the picture.

      • Be careful, this is a difficult step. If you forcibly remove the flex assembly without disconnecting the connector, you may damage it.

    • Gently pull the rest of the flex assembly away from the camera body until you reach the last connector.

    • Hold the flex assembly gently, but firmly, and pull it out of the connection with two fingers.

      • Be sure to pull straight up, and not at an angle.

    • Remove the two screws from the bottom of the camera.

    • Remove one screw from the top of the camera.

    • The screen is no longer screwed to the body.

      • To pop it off, push down and pull away.

      • It will swing away, because it is still plugged into the camera.

    • Unplug the thin (towards bottom of camera), orange strip by pulling on it with your thumb and another finger.

    • It will disconnect from the small white box.

    • Finally repeat the previous step with the thick, orange strip on the side of the screen.

    • You have successfully removed the LCD screen and it is ready to be replaced.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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