We all love to rock out with our vinyl out. Regardless of our age, though, sometimes the music is too loud and we blow our speakers.

Make sure you unplug your radio before starting!


Никакие детали не требуются.

  1. Turn the radio upside down, being careful to hold the turntable's lid.
    • Turn the radio upside down, being careful to hold the turntable's lid.

    • Remove the three 6 mm screws on the bottom near the front of the radio.

  2. Turn the radio right side up.
    • Turn the radio right side up.

    • Remember to hold the turntable's lid while flipping the radio.

    • Using a spudger, remove the plastic screw covers on both side.

    • Remove the two 8 mm screws on each side of the radio.

    • Gently pull up on the back of the turntable while pulling back.

    • Do not lift up too high. There are cables inside attached to the turntable.

    • Place the entire radio on its right side and lower the turntable. The orange box indicates which side is the right side.

    • Unwind the black strap wrapped around the cables connected to the turntable.

    • Remove the two plastic connectors attached to the circuit board on the turntable.

    • The plastic connectors are called Molex connectors.

    • Untie the two knots keeping the antenna cable in place and pull the cable into the radio's body.

    • Now's a good time to coil the cables you've disconnected. This will help keep them out of the way when working on the rest of the radio.

    • With the power of Greyskull, firmly grab the knobs with your thumb and forefinger and pull them out.

    • Place the radio with the front facing down and the top of the radio facing you.

    • Remove the seven 6 mm screws holding the cross member in place.

    • The screw called out in yellow is slightly different than the other screws. The length is the same but it has a tighter thread pitch. Make sure it goes back in the same place.

    • Place the radio right side up and face it to your left.

    • With a firm grip, pull the top of the radio's face away from the body. Using you other hand, rotate the cross member clockwise 90 degrees.

    • Once the cross member is free, you can lift it out of place.

    • Remove the four Molex connectors for the speakers, headphone jack, line out and light.

    • It is difficult to see all of the circuit board's screws from one angle. This series of photos starts at the top center and moves clockwise around the circuit board.

    • Screws are only called out when they make their first unobstructed appearance.

    • The screw in the black square is not part of the main circuit board and should not be removed.

    • Remove the ten 4 mm screws holding the circuit board in place.

    • Continue removing the circuit board's screws.

    • On both sides place two fingers between the circuit board and the face of the radio.

    • Gently pull the circuit board straight back being careful not to break the volume and tuning knob posts on the opposite side of the board.

    • The two white cables are soldered to the circuit board and the power transformer at the back of the radio. Once removed, the circuit board has to be set aside inside the radio.

    • With the flat end of a spudger, scrape away the glue between the mounting tabs and the bottom of the radio.

    • Gently pull the face of the radio away.

    • Well you've finally made it to your destination. Remove the eight 6 mm screws holding the speakers in place.

    • The speakers are not glued in, but you might have to use a little extra force to remove them.

    • It's also a good idea to label your speakers so you put them back in the correct side.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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